plane, travel, hush and hush, best destinations to travel, traveling in your twenties
plane, travel, hush and hush, best destinations to travel, traveling in your twenties

Traveling to Tropical Climates: The Effects on Your Skin

With spring break upon us and summer just around the corner, many of us are planning and prepping for some fabulous vacations. In between work calls and household obligations, we’re perusing new suitcases and grabbing the cutest cover-ups. But maybe we should also be doing a little skincare shopping? Because skincare for tropical climates might be quite different from your normal routine. Ideally, you want to take the changes in humidity, as well as the increased need for sunscreen and bug protection, into account. Add in the fact that you might encounter more saltwater than usual, and you’ll be craving a beneficial switch by the end of your trip! Why wait, though? Keep reading to learn all about the effect of tropical climates on your skin and how you can best support it—and then start prepping! 

The Effects of Tropical Climates on Your Skin

The main factor here tends to be humidity. Depending on the climate you hail from, this could be a veritable shock to your system. Now that being said, it isn’t always a bad one! If you deal with chronically dry skin, you might find the humidity a very welcome shift. Still, you’ll likely have a skincare routine that aims to compensate for your dry climate/skin, which will mean that you are probably overdoing the moisture while on your vacay. If you’re someone whose skin is already prone to oil and excess moisture, you’ll be cursing the humidity in no time! Usually, a very simple change in your routine can be effective though. So, let’s talk about it. 

Skincare for Tropical Climates

When you’re thinking about how to support your skincare for tropical climates, managing moisture is key. Alongside this, you’ll want to lend some thought to how you can protect your skin from factors like excess sun exposure and irritation from bugs. Here are a few of our top recommendations. 

Lock Down Your Foundation

First and foremost, get serious and keep it simple when it comes to your regular skincare routine. Have you been testing and trying a few different products? Stop that right now! We’re normally all for it, but right before vacation, when travel and changing climates both put stress on the skin, is just not the time for it. Ensure your skin is in a healthy, happy place by leaning back on trusty go-tos. This could also be a great time to consider a skincare supplement like some of our very own here at Hush & Hush. Give your skin what it needs from the inside out, starting before your trip, and it will pay off later. 

Think About Your Moisturizers

Spend a little time contemplating what your ideal skincare for tropical climates would probably look like. Is your skin naturally dry or oily? Is the moisturizer you’re currently using heavy or lightweight? The answers to these questions will help you make a game plan for your travel. Our best tip for adjusting your skincare to a tropical environment is to temporarily swap out your moisturizer if you already tend to use a pretty heavy-duty one. This will help to compensate for the shift beautifully. 

Pack a Few Blotting Papers

Speaking of anticipating excess moisture … grab some blotting papers for your suitcase. If you’ve never used them before, now is the moment. These nifty little tools will be instrumental in keeping your skin from feeling overly oily or sticky. Even if you are typically prone to dry skin, humidity can create that sensation. The danger is twofold. First, you don’t want to be uncomfortable on vacation. Second, you might start to over-cleanse because you can’t stand the oily/sticky sensation. Blotting papers will help dramatically! Keep them in your bag throughout your trip and blot as much as your heart desires. 

Up the Sunscreen

We know you knew this tip was on its way! There is no more important time to be proactive about sunscreen than when you’re thinking about skincare for tropical climates. Of course, this is always an important part of your skincare routine. But when you’ll be in the sunshine for so much of the day, and probably by the water where excess sun exposure is more likely because of the reflection, it is mission critical. Our advice? Visit Image Skincare’s dedicated Sun Protection page and go on a shopping spree! 

Don’t Forget Bug Protection

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about skincare for tropical climates, but protection against bugs is a big must. Aside from the discomfort of itching from things like mosquito bites, some people also have allergic reactions. It’s just best to avoid as much as possible. That said, bug protection can be a skincare challenge in and of itself. If you have sensitive skin, you probably know what we mean. For some of us, bug spray can be a major skin irritant. If this sounds like you, here are two bits of advice. First, you could consider using a bug spray formulated for infants. Those are usually made for ultra-sensitive skin. Second, explore beauty and skincare forums or social media to find out which formulas people with sensitive skin seem to prefer. We know, it sounds like a lot of work, but finding one that works well without irritating your skin will be a game changer for your trip. 

Well, there you have it! We hope these insights and tips on skincare for tropical climates help you to prep and plan for the best vacation ever. The last thing anyone wants is to spend their adventure dealing with skin problems. A little thinking ahead can prevent that! 

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