The Power of Pumpkin for Skincare, Haircare, and More
The Power of Pumpkin for Skincare, Haircare, and More

The Power of Pumpkin for Skincare, Haircare, and More

Most of us consider pumpkin to be one of the best things about fall. We love it in our seasonal coffees, the desserts we gather over, and sitting on our front stoop. But did you know that it is also a superfood? This festive piece of produce has immense benefits for so many areas of our health. Let’s talk about the power of pumpkin for skincare, haircare, and more! 

Pumpkin for Skincare

There is a reason countless beauty brands have formulations that include pumpkin. Here are a few of the key ways it impacts skin: 

  • Salicylic acid reduces acne.
  • Beta carotene reduces wrinkles and dark spots.
  • When converted to vitamin A, beta carotene also helps minimize acne scars. 
  • High levels of zinc protect skin from UV rays.

Yea … pumpkin is impressive. 

It’s great to incorporate pumpkin for skincare via topical products. But it also pays to build it into your diet. As we like to say, let’s champion “inside out wellness.” For a delish recipe that brings a little pumpkin power to your day, consider Tieghan Gerard’s Healthy Pumpkin Ginger Bread

But another easy and consistent way to get your pumpkin is to supplement it! Enter, our favorite addition to any smoothie or shake: PlantYourDay®. Formulated with organic pumpkin and pea protein, this pH-balancing and alkalizing powder can be a snack or a meal replacement. 

Pumpkin for Haircare

We also love PlantYourDay® for its hair-helping properties. And the pumpkin is a huge part of that. Here’s why: 

  • Biotin (B7) aids in the production of keratin, which is the protein within each strand of hair. Hello, strong locks! 
  • Omega fatty acids also encourage healthy hair growth.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties soothe dandruff and prevent scalp infections.
  • Its ability to block androgens, like dihydrotestosterone (DHT), results in a decrease of hair loss.

On that last note, we have to point out an incredible study conducted by doctors out of Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital. In it, men suffering from male-pattern baldness reported increased hair growth after supplementing with pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks. 

The verdict is in: pumpkin for skincare is great; pumpkin for haircare might be even more compelling! And yes, our DeeplyRooted® supplement contains pumpkin seed oil, too. 

Pumpkin for … Well, Everything Else

We are big beauty lovers around here, so the benefits of pumpkin for skincare and haircare get us excited. But the power of pumpkin doesn’t end there! 

It extends to many areas of the body. Here are a few of the ways pumpkin helps safeguard your health: 

  • Beta carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A, helps to support the proper functioning of everything from your eyes to your reproductive system to your heart.  
  • Pumpkin also offers vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and folate, and together these strengthen your immune system. 
  • The beautiful color of pumpkin comes from its potassium—another big health booster which lowers blood pressure among other things. 
  • The fiber and low caloric intake pumpkins offer also make it a great addition to meals for those who are looking to influence weight changes. 
  • Tryptophan, an amino acid in pumpkin, assists with getting good sleep. 

In summary, pumpkin is truly a powerhouse for whole-body wellness

So, the next time someone makes a joke about you being “basic” for enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, show them this article. Better yet, get more pumpkin goodness into your system with PlantYourDay® as an addition to your routine. Also, don’t forget about the power of pumpkin when choosing some delicious fall recipes. 

Have a gourd-geous day, readers! 

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