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Formulated with organic pumpkin protein, supergreens, superfoods, superfruits, supercharged antioxidants, time-tested herbs, probiotics and probiotics, fiber and Clean Clinical Vitamins™, this power-packed plant-based formula awakens your senses and revitalizes your body to start your day. The pH-balancing and alkalizing formulation rules the body with energy you can truly feel.*

Clean Clinical Vitamins™

Quantity: 12 servings


Available April 1st 2019

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Product Description

Anyone who wants a daily dose of protein, fiber and long-lasting energy without the midday crash in a plant sourced formula.*

Protein is essential for a healthy diet but those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet can sometimes be void of proper amounts. Whether enjoyed as a morning protein shake, as a meal replacement or as a refuel post-workout, the blend of greens, herbs, botanicals, probiotics and fiber provides all the necessities for keeping you energized and feeling good all day.*

• The perfect way to start the day
• pH balancing and alkalizing*
• Provides protein, fiber and the fuel your body needs

Mix one scoop of powder with milk or almond milk and enjoy.

What does PlantYourDay taste like?

The overall taste is chocolate, but because we put all the good stuff in PlantYourDay you may notice a bit of a mild ‘green’ undertone.

What is the best ‘base’ to mix with PlantYourDay?

We recommend mixing one scoop of PlantYourDay with eight ounces of any type of milk—cow’s milk, almond milk, nut milk, whatever you fancy. However, most protein powders don’t congeal well with water and other water-based liquids, so we recommend sticking with milks.

How often should I replace my regular breakfast with PlantYourDay?

PlantYourDay is chock-full of good-for-your-body superfoods, supergreens, protein, fiber, vegetables, fruit and prebiotics and probiotics, not to mention much more, so it’s safe to replace your breakfast, or afternoon snack, with PlantYourDay.


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