Supplements Meet Star Signs
Supplements Meet Star Signs

Supplements Meet Star Signs

Whether you know the ins and outs of your birth chart or casually like to read your horoscope each month, many of us enjoy a little exploration of our astrology from time to time. Personally, we think the quizzes and memes that offer up character traits and recommendations based on one’s sun sign can be the most fun. Of course, these aren’t to be taken too seriously, as they involve the interpretations and opinions of the creator. But today, we’re going to get in on the action in our own way! Keep reading to learn which Hush & Hush product we think you should try according to your Zodiac sign.


Fire signs, of which we might argue Aries is the most fiery, are sometimes said to deal with excess inflammation. The thinking is that because these signs are represented by the element of fire and often described as very passionate in all they do, their bodies may retain more inflammation than others.

If that sounds like you, we’re recommending that you try our SkinCapsule CLEAR+ supplement. It isn’t only for helping to lessen breakouts. It also soothes red and inflamed skin. The perfect Aries win (we know you’re competitive so we had to sneak this phrase in)!


First of all, Happy Taurus Season! How fitting is it that the sign of the bull occurs during the time we celebrate Earth Day? While there are three earth signs in total, Taurus is especially known to be a lover of plants. They are generally felt to be a very nurturing people, who appreciate the simple joys of life: cooking and eating good food, enjoying a home they’ve made their own, etc.

For you, our Taurus friends, we dedicate PlantYourDay. One of our most-beloved products, this plant-based protein powder is full of the nourishing, of-the-earth goodness you crave.


Ah, Gemini, how we love you! Represented by the symbol of the twins, gemini is known for its duality and multifaceted nature. They also tend to be trendsetters, since they’re energetic and always enveloped in the social scene.

For those reasons, we think our Best Seller Duo, which features the Time Capsule and DeeplyRooted supplements, is Gemini's perfect product.


Among the water signs, Cancer could be said to embody the fluid element best. Viewed as the sign that wears emotion on its sleeve, Cancer is described as sensitive, intuitive, and empathic. It is also beloved for its essence of mothering.

For this water sign, we think our SkinCapsule HYDRATE+ is the right fit. Made to help you stay hydrated and balanced, improving skin and overall wellness, it might assist the Cancer in maintaining the ultra-hydration it craves as a water sign.


If you are new to astrology and trying to learn how to guess an individual’s Zodiac sign, start by looking for people with incredible, luscious locks ... we’d be willing to bet they are Leos! In line with the gorgeous manes of their symbol, the lion, those who fall under Leo are truly blessed in the hair department.

Still, being born with such an asset doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it. Leos, consider bringing our DeeplyRooted supplement into your routine, to protect that mane.


Which Zodiac sign is the most conscientious? We think Virgo wins that superlative. Known for being practical and grounded perfectionists, Virgos are those people who think of everything and plan for any possibility. Their homes are usually spotless and tidy. Any work project they take on will be a model for how to organize something similar in the future. Virgos are excellent optimizers, really.

Of course, for someone so anxious to do and fix at all times, illness must be extra frustrating. So Virgo, we offer our ShieldUp supplement. It features adaptogens to reduce stress, like Rhodiola rosea root, and other ingredients to support optimal immune response. Optimal, did you say? It’s like music to a Virgo’s ears ...


Hello there, lovely, lovely Libra. Often revered for their particular beauty and everyone’s favorite party guest, Libra is a social butterfly. A Libra is also known for its free spirit, and versatility might be their best friend.

Enter, our DeeplyRooted Floral Silk Hair Scarf. It can be styled in a variety of ways on the neck or wrist, for a playful accessory. This is just the changeable, stylish piece every Libra needs.


Hmmmm, what to suggest for the zodiac sign that radiates intensity? How about something to enliven them further? Scorpio is known for its depth of emotion and passion. While it often gets mistaken for a fire sign because of its vibrancy, the Scorpio possesses the emotional complexity water signs know so well.

For Scorpio, we have SkinCapsule BRIGHTEN+. With a science-backed blend of melon, grapeseed, vitamin C, zinc, and more, this supplement can help your skin do a complete 180 to evenly-toned beauty. Intense and transformative? That’s so Scorpio.


Don’t hate us for this one Team Sag, because we know it’s all you ever hear and you are so much more complex than that, but we’re giving you a travel-centric recommendation! The truth is, we’ve just never known a Sagittarius that didn’t have at least a touch of wanderlust, so we have to do it. Don’t worry, we know how funny, intelligent, and lucky (we’re jealous!) you are too.

But when that need to jump on a plane hits you next, you’ll be prepared with our DeeplyRooted Travel Set. It is complete with the line’s shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum—plus a cute, TSA-friendly bag.


Ask a Capricorn what they care about most, and their answer will probably center around career. We aren’t saying they can’t be family minded too, but Capricorns are the ultimate bosses of the Zodiac.

That’s why we think our Caps need to get their hands on some MindYourMind. What better way to rake in the cash making boardroom power moves than with a razor-sharp mind? MindYourMind will help you make it happen, with ingredients to soothe your ever-working brain to sleep and, by extension, reduce mental clutter. Capricorn, you can wake up clear and focused like never before (we know we’re speaking your language now).


Where Capricorn is hyper-intelligent in a more traditional, success-oriented way, Aquarius is the shrewd kind of smart that enables them to see the world for what it is. They are change-makers and big-picture thinkers.

So, let’s talk about an age-old question, Aquarius ... can we live forever? Age Later: Look Seven Years Younger In Just Seven Weeks could be a place to begin (or continue) this philosophical journey. Written by our founder, Dr. Marc A. Ronert, it employs science in exploring the possibilities for those who seek to turn back the clock.


Last, but certainly not least, we come to Pisces. Represented by twin fish reminiscent of the yin and yang symbol, this is the sign that holds the secrets of human connection. Emotionally astute to the point of being called gifted, they are what you might describe as “people smart.” Pisces has a unique understanding of the ebbs and flow in our world and society, because they understand people—their motivations, failings, triumphs—better than any other.

That depth of inherent knowledge can be a burden though, and sometimes Pisces needs to release that intense emotion. Did you know that hair is thought to hold onto our emotions and the energy surrounding them—both negative and positive? Many cultures believe that cutting and intentionally brushing your locks regularly helps to release built-up emotions. So for Pisces, we suggest our DeeplyRooted Hair Brush.

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