ideas in the shower
ideas in the shower

Power Showers: The Science Behind Having Great Ideas in the Shower

For some years, the concept of having great ideas in the shower has been a well-circulated meme—and for good reason! Most of us have had this experience at one point or another. Maybe you suddenly realize what that recipe was missing. Perhaps you’ve been working on a creative project, and inspiration strikes to pull you out of a block. Whatever the epiphany, showers seem to be full of them! But why? As it turns out, there is actual science behind this universal experience, and we’re diving in. Let’s talk about power showers. Why do we get such great ideas in the shower? Plus, how can we make this restorative time even more impactful? We’re covering it all. 

The Science Behind Great Ideas in the Shower

While it might seem like a happy coincidence or the result of allowing yourself to relax, having great ideas in the shower is actually more scientifically backed than you would think. According to National Geographic, “research from the last 15 years suggests people may be more likely to have creative breakthroughs or epiphanies when they’re doing a habitual task that doesn’t require much thought—an activity in which you’re basically on autopilot.” This is because it encourages your mind to wander and benefit from stream of consciousness thinking. Many experts believe that this type of processing helps to bring forth unusual memories and fresh thoughts. 

In the same article, John Kounios, a cognitive neuroscientist and director of the Creativity Research Lab at Drexel University, says of the shower, “You don’t have a lot to do, you can’t see much, and there’s white noise. Your brain thinks in a more chaotic fashion. Your executive processes diminish and associative processes amp up. Ideas bounce around, and different thoughts can collide and connect.”

Basically, you have not been imagining the reality of having great ideas in the shower! This is absolutely “a thing.” To further explore the topic, we recommend taking the time to read that Nat Geo piece in full. It is fascinating!  

But for our purposes today, the takeaway is this: Science confirms that you do indeed have great ideas in the shower. Why does this matter? Well, it gives you incentive to invest in the power shower. 

5 Steps for a True Power Shower

While we all invest a certain amount of time into our showers (or maybe not if you are a bath lover!), the positive influence a shower can have surely warrants further dedication. Here are a few of our best ideas (which we didn’t actually have in the shower) for taking your power shower to the next level: 

Set the mood with low lighting. This can have a relaxing effect, but it also contributes to that lack of visual distractions Kounios mentioned. Plus, if you do this every time, it will send the message to your brain and nervous system that it’s power shower time! This might help you get in that wonderful, creative zone more quickly. 

Light a candle or turn on a diffuser. These two methods of bringing scent into the equation can, again, assist with relaxation. They also just make this time extra pleasant.  

Carve out ample time for your power showers. Whether or not this will be an “everything” shower, give yourself the time to enjoy it for longer. In our fast-paced world, we must make time to lean into wellness moments like this. 

Set your phone to do not disturb. You probably aren’t taking calls in the shower, but even hearing a notification pop up can make you feel rushed. If you ask us, this should be one of two times (the other being when you’re going to bed) that you always turn notifs off. 

Build out a product suite that nourishes you and makes you feel beautiful. What good is a power shower if you leave it with irritated or dry skin and unhealthy hair? The goal of any shower should be to give your skin and hair exactly what they need! Enter, our DeeplyRooted collection. 

With a shampoo, conditioner, and serum designed to support hair health in clinically proven ways, DeeplyRooted makes a perfect partner for those power showers.  

If you have great ideas in the shower, you aren’t alone, and we think you should capitalize on it! Embrace the power of the shower, to support wellness in more ways than one—mind, body, and soul. 

We wish you a creative mindset and luscious locks! 

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