Our Guide to Your Best Hair Ever (Hint: It’s All About a Great Routine)
Our Guide to Your Best Hair Ever (Hint: It’s All About a Great Routine)

Our Guide to Your Best Hair Ever (Hint: It’s All About a Great Routine)

When it comes to caring for your luscious locks, there are many variables in play. From the products you use to how often you heat style to the frequency with which you wash your hair, so much influences its health. Even the foods you eat and how much you exercise can contribute. So, what’s the big secret to having a happy head of hair? Well, it’s kind of attending to all of the above. When you have a great routine in place, where you consider every variable with intention, you’re sure to be on your way to your best hair ever. Here is our guide to making it happen … 

Let’s start with where much of our beauty comes from: within!

Nutrition and Supplementation

There are many delectable foods that support healthy hair. Luckily, these are also generally good-for-you eats to enjoy. Radiance by WebMD offers up a great list of 10 picks for hair health, with the reasoning behind each. From salmon, Greek yogurt, and spinach, to guava, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, and more, the options are delicious and doable. 

That being said, we also know that most of us do not get the nutrients we need from food alone. 

Enter, supplements! For optimal whole-body wellness, having a supplement routine is key. 

If hair health is specifically your goal, we have a few targeted recommendations.  

To support hair growth, we can’t talk up our DeeplyRooted formula enough! We designed it to be your hair health bestie, and it really is.

Another good way to help your hair stay healthy with supplements is through a protein powder. Able to double as a meal replacement on those busy days, our PlantYourDay formula helps manage gut health and balance skin. But in doing so, it can also support hair growth and scalp wellness.

Products of Choice

While inside-out wellness is essential, the products you use on your hair definitely play a role in achieving your healthiest hair.

At the heart of a great routine should be a great shampoo and conditioner. And so, allow us to circle back to our DeeplyRooted® line for a moment. Perfect for gentle exfoliation, our shampoo pairs beautifully with the ultra-nourishing conditioner. It’s a very dynamic duo!

But you’ll also want to consider serums and styling products 

We think a serum is a great move, and again, DeeplyRooted’s formula was carefully, clinically crafted to give your hair what it needs (ahem, cellular restoration!). But we also believe that the products you use to style and texturize can make a big difference.

When you’re searching for those, be aware of what to avoid. Sulfates, parabens, and phthalates are no-nos most of us are clear on. But did you know some hair care products also contain ingredients like formaldehyde, dimethicone, retinyl palmitate, alcohol, toluene, and imidazolidinyl?

If you don’t know what these are (understandably!), we encourage doing your research. But the summary: they aren’t ideal if you want your best hair ever. From increasing dryness and scalp sensitivity to being cancer causers and clogging scalp pores, there are many reasons to say goodbye to anything with these ingredients listed.

Shampooing and Styling

Okay, so, this can be the hardest part. Maintaining a healthy hair care routine can be challenging, especially when it comes to shampooing and styling. While it's natural to feel the need to wash your hair frequently or style it with heat, moderation is key.

Try to aim for washing your hair every two to three days, as recommended by experts. Plan your workouts and events around this goal to maintain the health of your hair.

When it comes to styling, heat can be damaging to your hair. If you're used to relying on heat styling tools, it may take some adjustment to find alternative ways to achieve your desired look. However, be open to exploring different styling techniques that don't involve heat.

By following these tips and implementing a mindful hair care routine, you're well on your way to achieving the best hair ever. Remember, taking care of your hair is an ongoing process that requires attention and consistency.

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