Shampoo + Conditioner Set

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DeeplyRooted Shampoo for Scalp Exfoliation

  • Gently cleanses hair
  • Exfoliates the scalp
  • Strengthens thin, brittle and aging hair

DeeplyRooted Conditioner for Intense Hydration

  • Repairs damaged strands
  • Moisturizes for ultra-soft, shiny hair
  • Featuring olive oil bursting Lipobeads for ultra moisture

This hair-nourishing shampoo gently cleanses with clinically-proven, clean, plant-based ingredients to set the stage for a healthy scalp and thicker, stronger hair. Active ingredients exfoliate the scalp and work to strengthen thin, brittle, and aging hair.

This super-hydrating daily conditioner intensely moisturizes thin, brittle, and aging hair with clean, plant-based ingredients. Olive oil LipoBeads burst upon impact, drenching hair with extreme hydration. A complex blend of active ingredients repairs damaged strands for ultra-soft, shiny, and nourished hair.

Customer Reviews

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Kristie M.
Healing and superior softness!

I only tried this because my local spa was selling the vegan protein which I LOVE. I really enjoy it, and so I needing a new hair care regimen, I figured I would try this! Full disclosure, the pills gave me bad acne and the deeply rooted serum will cause the roots to be a bit greasy. So I have only used the shampoo and conditioner and my blonde hair is healed!!! It is smooth like butter and the breakage is so minimal! I also can’t describe how soft and shiny this makes your hair.

Alicia E.
Amazing set!

Absolutely love everything about this set! I purchased these after receiving the sample kit. The smell is a beautiful light citrus scent, very luxurious. I have been using this for 2 months now and my hair is noticeably more full and thick and has less shedding. The packaging is beautiful! Do yourself a favor and try these!

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