tying running shoes
tying running shoes

Your Guide to Overcoming Gym Anxiety

We’ve all been there, you get dressed in a cute workout set, mix your electrolytes (and perhaps a little Collagen+, wink wink), and take yourself to the gym … only to leave a few minutes later because you feel like all eyes are on you. Whether people really are watching or not, that gym anxiety is never fun. Not only does it get in the way of your workout, but it can also leave you feeling the opposite of confident—to say the least. For some, this experience can be so demoralizing that they never step foot in a gym again. But you should be able to enjoy a great workout while feeling confident and energized by those flowing endorphins. So, what’s the solution? Well, we’ve got a few ideas! Here are our tips for overcoming gym anxiety. 

Do Your Workouts at Home

This tip is for those of you who really can’t stomach the gym any longer. If you feel strongly that it isn’t for you anymore, an at-home session is totally possible. Having a dedicated space can help to motivate you. But you don’t have to go that far! As long as you have a device that can stream videos, there is a lot you can do.  

So many platforms offer fantastic video workouts from renowned trainers. Working out at home is the perfect solution for those who don’t wish to participate in visiting the gym any longer. It’s also a great tool to keep in your back pocket. On the days when you don’t feel up to tackling gym anxiety, you can fall back on your in-home workouts. 

Hire a Trainer

All of the above said, some of us do love getting out of the house for a workout and just want to overcome that gym anxiety. This is also key for anyone who doesn’t have endless space and money to outfit a home gym. For many workout goals, weights and machines are necessary. Having a gym membership makes accessing it all that much simpler. That’s why we’re offering this next tip: overcome gym anxiety by hiring a personal trainer.  

The benefits of this are twofold. Central to our current topic, hiring a personal trainer will make you feel more confident in your movements at the gym, but it will also distract you from feeling watched. The second pro (there are no cons) is that you’ll be benefiting from the expertise of a true professional. Talk about making the most of your workouts! 

Go With a Friend

Ah, we adore this tip. Remember when you were in high school and went to the mall with your besties? You know how, when you were out with them, you barely noticed what was going on around you—you were too busy laughing and gossiping? Enter, your gym buddy. 

If gym anxiety has got you down, there may be no better solution than to start planning sessions with a friend. It will benefit the both of you physically and emotionally, and the accountability could prove helpful too. 

See the Place 

This is most relevant if you want to attend a new gym. Take a tour before you plan to workout. This will make it seem less daunting once you show up ready to sweat. The great thing about taking a tour in advance is that it gives you an out. Go in clothes you wouldn’t work out in, so you won’t feel weird about just taking a peek around (with or without a staff member to guide you) and then bailing. 

By doing this, you give yourself a chance to get a lay of the land without any commitment. You can leave whenever you need. If you make it through the tour and love it, knowing that you’ve already had a positive experience will lessen your gym anxiety when the time comes to visit for an actual workout. 

Find the Right Gym

This goes hand in hand with the tip to take a tour. Explore and ensure that this gym is a place that feels right to you. It’s true that any environment with the equipment you need could serve you well. But it’s also true that some gyms are simply uninspiring and unappealing. Will this cause gym anxiety? Maybe not, but it isn’t going to help. If you walk into a gym and instantly envision your best self, it’s probably a good sign. 

You might be thinking, aren’t all gyms pretty much the same? Well … not really. Because some gyms are kicking it up a notch to offer a luxurious, country club-style experience. Remember how a while back TikTok videos were going viral of people admitting that they paid for certain gym memberships more because of the luxury products in their showers than for the workouts? We definitely aren’t suggesting that you forgo the most valuable part of your gym membership—the workout—but investing in a place that invites you in and treats you well will go a long way in soothing gym anxiety. 

We hope these tips and tricks prove game-changing for you!

Happy Workout! 

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