Where AI and Beauty Meet: Hush & Hush Joins Coralai
Where AI and Beauty Meet: Hush & Hush Joins Coralai

Where AI and Beauty Meet: Hush & Hush Joins Coralai

At its core, Hush & Hush was founded with one simple, overarching mission: to help the world live younger, longer. It is the vision of our creator, Dr. Marc Ronert, and skincare is at its core. During his pioneering work with advanced tissue expanders in Germany, he recognized the power of supporting wellness from within and with mindful ingredients. Since then, he has built Hush & Hush into a true resource for those who believe that health and beauty are intertwined—and should be fostered from the inside out. 

Today, we offer a wide range of solution-specific, clinically studied products to help our community establish life-changing routines. But one critical piece of the puzzle was still missing for many wellness seekers. Even if you have access to the ideal solutions, you need to understand the root cause of your health challenges. Otherwise, how will you know which products to focus on? Enter, Hush & Hush’s new industry bestie: Coralai. 

About Coralai, Where AI and Beauty Meet 

Coralai™ is a skincare retail ecosystem built with technology like computer vision, artificial intelligence, booking, and virtual video. It enables individuals to better perceive their skin, set personal skin goals, receive tailored product recommendations and routines, and connect with professionals. As one of the first retailers to make skin tracking technology widely available, Coralai is a next-generation retail platform designed for today’s consumers, who want access to their own personal data and transparency around the effects of products, services, and environmental factors on their skin and overall well-being. 

In summary, Coralai is an exciting tech company that wants to help you get to know your skin. As a brand with the parallel mission of providing products that rethink the options you have to care for it, we here at Hush & Hush are thrilled about our new partner in creating a better skincare world. This is where AI and beauty meet in the middle! 

How It Works

But now let’s dive into the juicy stuff: how can Coralai’s AI change the game for you and your skin? Here’s how it works: 

  • Visit coralai.io
  • Click the button to scan your skin.
  • Coralai will guide you through capturing an image of your face. 
  • Their AI scans the photograph in real time. 
  • You receive a personalized skin diagnostic report and a curated list of product recommendations that is generated by advanced artificial intelligence, which sifts through a robust multibrand product catalog to identify the best solution for your desired outcome. 
  • Recommended products can be purchased with a single click. 
  • You can also book a telecare or in-person appointment with skincare professionals if you have questions about Coralai’s findings or just want further consultation. 
  • Products, routines, and services are securely recorded in a HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant database, allowing individuals to track progress and see changes in their skin over time. This makes adjusting for your goals and needs a breeze. 

To see it in action, check out Coralai's in-depth TikTok video!

We think you’ll be as wowed by this innovation as we are, and we wish you happy scanning for happy skin!

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