What to Expect With DeeplyRooted
What to Expect With DeeplyRooted

What to expect: DeeplyRooted Hair Supplement

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in your health by adding DeeplyRooted to your supplement routine. Go you! Take a moment to be proud of your initiative and resolve. And then, envision a world where your hair is healthier, stronger, happier—because that world is coming! So...what can you expect with the DeeplyRooted hair supplement?

But before you crack open your first bottle, it’s important to make a plan and have a deeply rooted (pun intended) understanding of what you’ll be taking. Supplements are powerful. This is especially true for formulas like DeeplyRooted, which was thoughtfully, clinically crafted. You want to have the full picture of what to expect with the DeeplyRooted hair supplement before you incorporate it into your routine. And, learning how to combine it with other great habits will boost your results. 

That is why, today, we are going to walk you through your first three months on DeeplyRooted! Here we go … 

Month 1 taking DeeplyRooted

Before you do anything else, we suggest getting intentional and thoughtful about your goals. Mull over what it is that has made you want to use DeeplyRooted and why it is so compelling. You might even journal about it! Then, start with these steps:

Chat with your doctor. We advise double-checking with your doctor. All of the ingredients in DeeplyRooted are safe and have been clinically studied and trialed. However, if you take any medications regularly and/or are managing chronic conditions or diseases, it always pays to be extra cautious. Consult with your doctor to ensure that it’s okay for you to add our supplement to your routine!

Schedule your supplements. After reviewing your goals and confirming that our supplement is safe for you to take, make a plan for the actual act of doing so. You should be taking four capsules one time a day. We recommend lunch. You will have consumed food to avoid any queasiness a vitamin can cause on an empty stomach. But, you won’t have to remember to take it first thing or when you’re out to dinner with friends. If you have a lot of trouble remembering to do things like this, consider using a smartphone app that reminds you to take medications or marking it down as a daily task in your planner.

Explore before and afters. Once you make a schedule for yourself, you might start feeling a little overwhelmed (one more task for each day?!). So, get inspired and motivated by checking out our incredible before and after photos!

Join us online! Last but not least, in your first month on DeeplyRooted, join our private Facebook group, Hair Loss Community and Support! It offers up a safe space to learn, and discuss your challenges and concerns regarding hair loss and treatment. If you’ve got a question about what to expect with DeeplyRooted hair supplement, this is a great place to start.

Month 2 taking DeeplyRooted

You’ve gotten into the groove of taking your new supplement and you’re seeing results, now what? Well, month two is all about keeping momentum going and adding more great habits to your hair health mission!

Take on stress-reducing activities. One of the main ingredients that makes DeeplyRooted such a game changer is KSM-66Ⓡ Ashwagandha Root Extract. Why does it matter so much? Because it helps the body fight stress! Stress can actually, as Mayo Clinic tells us, “push hair follicles into a resting phase.” Resting is usually a good thing, but not in this case. Follicles in that state will release and fail to grow new strands. You probably know what best helps you ease stress, but some top tips include meditating, taking walks, playing with pets, and making art.

Read our Results tab. The key to nailing any new habit down is to keep motivation high—especially in the beginning. Whether or not you are starting to feel a lag on month two, visit the Results section of our website for renewed inspiration.

Eat healthy alongside your supplement. Taking a multivitamin doesn’t mean you should completely forgo healthy eating. The same is true here. DeeplyRooted will be even more effective if you make your nutrition its perfect partner! There are plenty of superfoods that have proven benefits for your scalp and hair. The bonus is that they are generally good for whole-body wellness. But for your hair, they’ll be a powerhouse!

Month 3 taking DeeplyRooted

Congratulations on making it two months! Studies have suggested that it takes 66 days, on average, for a new habit to be fully cemented. On month three, you’ve brought this habit into the fold! But there is still a little bit of work to be done …

Take your own after photo and celebrate! Grab a photo from before you began the process and take a new one now, on month three. Be wowed by the difference and, if you feel like it, share on social to celebrate with friends and family. (And tag us so we can see your exciting progress too!)

Battle your breakage. Taking DeeplyRooted and eating healthy are half (maybe even more) of this battle. But now that you’ve got those two things down, focus on some of the other ways you can avoid breakage, like avoiding heat styling and using new products to moisturize better. 

Keep consistent. As you’ve started seeing results, you might feel a little complacent (we’ve all been there). So, our last tip for you is to remember that keeping consistent is key to results. Take your supplements every day and be sure to order more before you run out completely.

When you maintain a routine full of hair-healthy habits like DeeplyRooted, you can discover the wonder of true wellness in your luscious locks.

We wish you the best of luck as you implement your new regimen, and we’re here if you have any additional questions about what to expect with the DeeplyRooted hair supplement!

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