anti-aging supplement tablet
anti-aging supplement tablet

Welcome to the World of Hush & Hush

Now, the world has something even more unique and even more exclusive than ever before. Enter: luxury nutraceuticals, the finest nutraceuticals ever made, blending potent active ingredients with modern-day formulations for results that you can see and feel.

Founded by Dr. Marc and Janna Ronert (they also happen to be the brains behind the cult classic worldwide skincare phenomenon, Image Skincare), the duo, who subscribe to a clean lifestyle, often found themselves at a loss when it came to sourcing supplements that mirrored their lifestyle. Despite the fact that the Ronerts are privy to world-class researchers, ingredients, laboratories and experts, nothing they came across ticked all the boxes when shopping for high-quality beauty supplements. “Everything we found was either a single vitamin, had zero natural components to it or was full of artificial ingredients, synthetics, fillers and unnecessary binders,” says Dr. Ronert. “There was nothing high-end out there that worked as part of a synergistic system and provided anti-aging and beauty benefits in addition to the necessary vitamins and minerals.”

So, they did what any good entrepreneurs would do and created their own line of luxury beauty supplements, aptly named Hush & Hush.

The lineup of well-curated supplements—it consists of PlantYourDay, a plant-based vegan protein powder that restores gut health, energizes and provides the body with supergreens, superfoods, fiber and prebiotics and probiotics; the 4-in-1 anti-aging beauty supplement, TimeCapsule; DeeplyRooted, which targets a healthy scalp to help grow healthy hair; and MindYourMind, a melatonin-free de-stressing and calming product—launched April 2019 and is the first-of-their-kind. Consisting of natural herbs, botanicals, fruits and vegetables, plus proprietary damage-defending and -reversing complexes and Clean Clinical Vitamins™ (pure vitamins that are void of chemicals, synthetics and additives), the lineup aims to help consumers live younger, longer. “Currently, live expectancy is at a low, and Americans are not as healthy as they could be. We want to give an option that makes achieving a healthier body possible so that people can age better, live younger and enjoy a more youthful life,” says Dr. Ronert.

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