Weekender Beauty: 5 Skin and Hair Essentials for Your Pared-Down Bag
Weekender Beauty: 5 Skin and Hair Essentials for Your Pared-Down Bag

Weekender Beauty: 5 Skin and Hair Essentials for Your Pared-Down Bag

Ah, the thrill of spontaneous summer travel! There’s nothing quite like deciding on a whim to escape for the weekend, packing your bag with the essentials and heading out to soak up the sun. But while the idea of an impromptu getaway is exhilarating, it can sometimes lead to last-minute packing chaos. That’s why having a pared-down beauty and wellness routine you can rely on is crucial for a hassle-free trip. Here are five must-have items to ensure your weekender beauty bag is ready to go at a moment’s notice. 


Healthy, vibrant hair is on everyone’s list, and when exposed to sun, sweat, and different water compositions, it demands a little extra TLC. That means this is not the time to suffer through a random shampoo you found in the hotel bathroom! Keeping consistent with your haircare even for a fun weekend away is a great idea. To make it easier on our fellow DeeplyRooted devotees, we have a fantastic travel set


Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is an absolute must no matter how spontaneous you want to be! Choose a lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers SPF 30 or higher. Look for one that is easy to apply and reapply, with a texture you don’t mind on a daily basis. This is the secret for a weekender beauty lover’s sunscreen: have a powerful everyday moisturizer with sunscreen in it, so that you can just throw your regular favorite into your bag and move! We love the many options from Image Skincare

Hydrating Facial Mist

While this isn’t an everyday go-to, we think it is worth having on hand to throw in that weekender beauty bag whenever the occasion arises. First, if plane travel will be a part of your journey, this can help with the dehydration it causes. Second, anyone who has ever been on a boat or walking a theme park in the heat of summer knows that sometimes, a spritz of facial mist feels like an actual heaven on earth. It can help you tolerate the heat and your skin will be happy too. 

Multi-Use Balm

This is a tip we love for your day-to-day purse and your weekender beauty bag alike. If you haven’t purchased yourself a trusty multi-use balm, now is the time! From moisturizing lips to soothing cuticles or even taming flyaway hairs, a versatile multifunctional balm can be a compact, go-anywhere bestie. Personally, we love a clear, unscented variety since you’ll be using it in so many ways. However, choosing one in a pinky hue that complements your complexion could open up new possibilities, like blush and eyeshadow. Either way, patch test and make sure you’ve found one your skin loves, and then keep that baby on hand!


You might think that a weekend away is one of those times when sacrificing your supplement routine is okay. And honestly, if you miss a few days of capsules, it isn’t the end of the world. But we all want to feel our best when enjoying our travels, and staying consistent with your supplements is a good way to ensure it. Not to mention the idea that some supplements, like our very own ShieldUp and MindYourMind, can help combat some of the challenges of traveling. In the aforementioned case, you can prep your immune system and get great sleep on the go by supporting these functions with our supplements. 

The Ultimate Weekender Beauty Bag Is Within Reach

With these five essentials in your pared-down beauty bag, you’re ready to embrace the spontaneity of summer travel without compromising on your beauty and wellness routine. Weekender beauty doesn’t have to be complicated—just a few impactful products can make all the difference. So, pack your bag, grab your sunglasses, and get ready for your next adventure!



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