Wedding Hair Styles for Thin Hair (Plus Our Tips for Growth Before the Big Day)
Wedding Hair Styles for Thin Hair (Plus Our Tips for Growth Before the Big Day)

Wedding Hair Styles for Thin Hair (Plus Our Tips for Growth Before the Big Day)

To say that getting married involves a lot of planning is certainly an understatement. Whether you’re going on a romantic elopement, taking a few fun photos at the courthouse, or throwing a 300-guest wedding, so many details must be ironed out (sometimes literally—no wrinkled outfits, please!). And no matter your plans, every bride wants to feel like a million bucks on her wedding day. Of course, makeup, outfits, and accessories play their role. But hair, specifically, is so intricately tied to our confidence and personality. Unless you’re rocking super short hair or a beautifully bald look, you’ve probably found yourself fretting over how to get your hair ready for the big day—and how to style it. We’re here to help with it all. Let’s talk wedding hair styles and tips for growth. We’ll have you looking and feeling your best in no time! 

Abigail Heringer Hair Inspo

First, let’s talk about why we decided to write this blog post, because it’s some good inspo for every bride, too!  

A recent video from Bachelor in Paradise star Abigail Heringer, in which she talks about her hair plans for her upcoming nuptials to Noah Erb, has inspired us. She mentioned that she’s using our DeeplyRooted supplement and exploring ideas for her wedding hair style. 

Yes, we are on the Abigail and Noah Bachelor in Paradise train, so this was super exciting for our team! We loved the video and decided to expand on her fabulous advice while sharing a few of our own favorite wedding hair styles for thin hair. 

Brides, keep reading!

Wedding Hair Styles for Thin Hair 

Here’s the great thing about wedding hair styles: you’re probably going to devote more time and money into this look than any other, and that comes with more options! If you are worried about making your thinner hair look full on the big day, that can end here. Because here’s the thing: a skilled stylist will be able to accomplish any style you want while adding volume, if that is what you desire. 

That said, there are a few approaches that lend themselves to a voluminous look. You can be sure these ideas are on the Abigail Heringer hair idea list! Let’s discuss … 


The beauty of an updo is that it gives your stylist the opportunity to add volume via subtle teasing. Teasing the hair is always a great way to create volume. But when the hair is down, this will also have the effect of giving you a super blown-out, beauty queen look. For many, that is the ultimate bridal goal (it’s gorgeous!!). But if you are wanting hair that feels voluminous, yet simple and classic, that might not be your vibe. 

Given her often neutral, minimalistic-leaning style, we’d be willing to bet Abigail and Noah wedding boards don’t include major old-school volume. But she does want to add a little bit of oomph, and we think a thoughtfully crafted updo would do the trick. 

The other bonus of an updo? You don’t have to worry about curls falling flat throughout the festivities. 

Loose Curls or Waves

That said, there is something so romantic about a head of loose, soft curls or waves. For some, this is a personal go-to and a wedding-day must. So, how do you ensure the volume you want? 

We’ll reiterate that a skilled stylist—undoubtedly in the Abigail and Noah wedding budget, if you ask us—can make this happen. If you’re especially worried about it, you could also consider paying for a touch-up package. This usually entails a makeup artist or hair stylist staying on-site and touching up your styling halfway through or at a particular moment, such as between the ceremony and reception. 

What makes loose curls or waves a good style for thin hair, specifically, is how you can anticipate fall. If you have thin hair and want a tightly curled look, it could be more difficult to maintain throughout your events. But if your hair is thin and tends to fall, starting off with tighter curls and allowing them to naturally settle can extend your wedding hair style longevity! 

Half Up, Half Down 

This hair style is your best friend if you have thinner hair. Why? Because you can get the loose curls or whatever other flowing hair style you might like, while adding volume through a little teasing as you pull part of the hair back. It’s kind of like applying the best attributes of an updo to a down style. Win win! 

We also think this would be a lovely idea for the Abigail Heringer hair wedding mood board, as she mentioned the desire to show off her cochlear implant. This could be the perfect way to achieve her signature loose curl look while pulling some hair behind the ear to show off her life-changing device. 

Headbands or Headpieces

Okay, so this isn’t precisely a “style,” but we love this tip to add volume. Because a headband or headpiece naturally parts the hair horizontally, it causes a bit of a bunching-up effect that makes the hair appear more voluminous. 

Of course, integrating a headband or headpiece definitely depends on your full look for the day. But if it would work well with your dress and accessories, it’s something to consider! 

Our Tips for Growth Before the Big Day

We’ll obviously start with our best advice and the thing contributing to the Abigail Heringer hair renaissance: our DeeplyRooted supplement. Harnessing the power of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and patented ingredients, it nourishes the scalp and supports healthier hair and new growth. 

Alongside the supplement, our DeeplyRooted Shampoo, Conditioner, and Serum are all great products to add to your routine. 

A few of our other tips for hair growth: 

  • Limit heat styling when possible
  • Avoid wearing your hair in super tight buns or ponytails
  • Cleanse and exfoliate your scalp regularly
  • Use a silk pillowcase
  • Use silk hair ties and scrunchies instead of elastics, which can cause breakage 

We hope these tips and tricks help you achieve your best hair ever for one of the most special days ever.  

And thank you, Abigail, for shedding light on hair health and growth—and telling us how much DeeplyRooted is helping you prep for I do! 

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