The Market for Healthy Hair: Expert Shab Caspara's New Retailer Features Hush & Hush
The Market for Healthy Hair: Expert Shab Caspara's New Retailer Features Hush & Hush

The Market for Healthy Hair: Expert Shab Caspara's New Retailer Features Hush & Hush

Most of us enjoy a little shopping for fresh haircare now and again. Some of us want to find solutions to problems. Others are seeking the achievement of hair quality and growth goals. In many cases, we want to avoid certain ingredients. Throw it all together with potential sensitivities and allergies, scent preferences, ease of use, eco-friendliness—shopping for healthy hair products can be genuinely confusing.  

But renowned hair stylist and trichologist Shab Caspara is out to change that, with her innovative new retailer: Leona.

About Leona, the First Hair Health-Focused Retailer for Women

Launching this Winter 2023, Leona is dedicated to matching consumers to the best healthy hair products from around the world using an AI-enabled platform with a database of thoughtful brands—Hush & Hush now included.

“We aim to simplify the experience for the consumer by guiding them toward specific products that will suit their hair and their needs,” Caspara shares. “We are also setting a clean standard that is transparent in two ways. First, we ensure the prohibition of ingredients that are proven to be directly correlated to negative impacts on our health and the environment. Then, within that qualification, we allow consumers to ultimately make the choice of how strictly clean they prefer their products to be.”

It's a formula for healthy hair and a simple selection process, backed by professional advice and analysis.

How It Works

“As a trichologist, my practice involves one-on-one consultations with clients in order to download as much information as possible,” Caspara says. “This is how we solve their issues and challenges.”

But now, with Leona, consumers can access a version of this process via a free consultation quiz. Accounting for health status, existing ailments or autoimmune disorders, medications, other products, washing habits, and hair and scalp type, the AI system will guide the user toward healthy hair via targeted product recommendations.

Here’s the step-by-step:

1 Get Assessed:
A quick, intelligent quiz helps Leona get to know you, so that the platform can help you nail your hair goals.

2 Get Matched:
Say goodbye to trial and error. The Leona team rigorously tests the best products from all over the world and the software picks the ones that will work for you.

3 Get Selecting:
See Leona’s specially curated regimen and why it will take your hair health to another level. Make your picks—shipping is on them.

The Ultimate Marketplace for Healthy Hair 

Visit to sign up and be the first to know when you can start your healthy hair journey. Be sure to follow Shab Caspara on Instagram, too! 

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