SEO: Spa accessories - nut scrub, sponge, facial brush, natural soap, clay face mask, pumice stone, essential oil on a light background, top view. Healthy lifestyle concept. Beauty, skin care. flat lay stock photo Beauty, Make-Up, Clean, Spa, Skin Care
SEO: Spa accessories - nut scrub, sponge, facial brush, natural soap, clay face mask, pumice stone, essential oil on a light background, top view. Healthy lifestyle concept. Beauty, skin care. flat lay stock photo Beauty, Make-Up, Clean, Spa, Skin Care

The Clean Beauty Lover’s Guide to Healthy Hair

We live in an age where there are seemingly countless products in category for every little need and whim. This can be a beautiful thing that adds convenience and quality to our daily lives. However, it also means that the consumer needs to be more aware than ever about what they’re purchasing. In hair care, this is especially true. The offerings available today fall into a vast range when it comes to effectiveness, safety—and “clean” ingredients. Now, when we say “clean,” what do we mean? Clean beauty is characterized by products that incorporate ingredients which have been proven safe for most people, with respect to concerns like allergens, hormone disruptors, etc. As a company that prides itself on supporting wellness in many ways, we consider our products clean. But in hair care, that can be rare to find. So, let’s talk about all of the tips and tricks, hacks and how-tos that a clean beauty lover should know for their hair. 

Train Your Hair

We’re going to begin with a tip that requires some patience, but is so worth it: train your hair to require less washing. We’ve touched on this topic before, in conversation about scalp health. Experts agree that washing every two to three days is best. Of course, if you are sweating it out in the gym every day and need to wash more often, it might alter your ability to follow this. But it’s a worthwhile goal to aim for. 

Dermatologists and hair stylists advise this because of how shampooing (even with the best product) strips your hair of natural oils if you do it too often. However, this can also be a great clean beauty tip. By washing your hair less, you will give your scalp and strands a chance to breathe and rest in their natural state. It will also keep you from having to use styling products as often, which is key since styling products are especially prone to hazardous ingredients. 

DeeplyRooted Everything

Speaking of clean beauty hair care being hard to find, we’re going to use this next tip to plug our DeeplyRooted collection. Don’t let us sell it to you—go research the ingredients and discover how impressive it is for yourself! From the supplement to the shampoo, conditioner, and serum, DeeplyRooted is crafted with clean and clinically proven ingredients. It represents the best balance: safe, sensitive, and simple formulas with powerful scientifically backed ingredients for the ultimate impact. One complaint you’ll often hear in the clean beauty space is that while the products are gentler and more suited to supporting healthy, natural beauty, they’re also less effective. We believe that DeeplyRooted solves that problem. 

If you’d like to learn more about our company’s philosophy, check out Age Later. Written by our founder, the book explains our motto: “The Secret is Science.”

Silk for Natural Anti-Frizz

One of the hallmarks of clean beauty is embracing the idea that less in more. Maybe we don’t actually need a product for everything? Don’t get us wrong, we love a good smoothing mousse as much as the next person. But if your goal is to achieve a clean beauty hair care routine, eliminating some product usage is a smart tactic. Styling products, which are notorious for being difficult to formulate without harsh ingredients, might be a great place to start! 

Of course, for many of us, styling product is the only thing that keeps frizz at bay. Well … we’ve got a solution. If you haven’t invested in a silk pillowcase, now is the time. Honestly, even if you couldn’t care less about clean beauty, this is a good move. Slip has one of the most varied color selections, so go get your silky sleep on! 

The Art of the Towel Dry

Another approach to limiting the amount of product you have to use for frizz purposes is towel drying—with an innovative twist! If you haven’t grabbed yourself a microfiber hair towel, you simply must! Allowing your locks to dry a little more slowly and—most importantly—without heat helps to reduce frizz. A microfiber towel takes this a step further, as it reduces frizz from friction, which can happen with a cotton towel. Add in the fact that this reduction of friction will prevent breakage, and you’ve got a favorite new bathroom accessory. 

Make Heatless Curls Your Go-To

You might be thinking, “Sure, I can try to towel dry … but what about the actual styling?” Well, if you are a curl lover, there is an ideal answer: heatless curls! Search this up on TikTok or YouTube and you’ll discover a whole world of product recommendations, tutorials, and inspiration. The curls many individuals are achieving with this method are truly awe-worthy. In fact, they often create more volume and bounce than curling with heat. 

All in all, the art of clean beauty is an art of balance. We hope this guide helps you find the right routine for your needs!

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