Alix Earle, Elle Magazine, Alix Earle Elle, skincare gurus
Alix Earle, Elle Magazine, Alix Earle Elle, skincare gurus

The Best Skincare Gurus of the Moment

Sometimes, you just need a little insight and inspiration when it comes to skincare. As much as you should seek the advice of your dermatologist, good ideas can come from those who have gone on their own intense skincare journeys, too. Plus, this often provides a chance to feel understood via stories and struggles that sound just like yours. We believe in the power of that connectivity, which is why we’re taking a moment to share the best skincare gurus ... get ready to hit those subscribe and follow buttons!

Hyram Yarbro: The Science-Based Specialist

It’s hard not to love this YouTuber for his sense of humor and positive tone. But he also brings an impressive level of skincare expertise to his content. While it’s fun to watch someone test and try products, Yarbro takes it a step further. He digs into the actual science behind various formulas and offers up advice that is specific to certain skin types and challenges. He works as a skincare specialist IRL, and you can tell! If you want to dig deeper into your skincare, you won’t want to skip on this content.

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Alix Earle: TikTok’s Relatable Queen

Listen, we totally get that many things about Alix Earle’s lifestyle are decidedly not relatable. But what feels super relatable is her skincare journey. Earle has struggled with acne for years. She’s even been on Accutane several times, and it’s all on her TikTok. The viral sensation has been immensely open about her acne and the products she has found helpful.

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LaBeautyologist – The Golden Rx: A Diverse Voice

Everyone knows (or should know) that those with beautifully black and brown skin have skincare needs that aren’t always honored or discussed in mainstream media. Enter, Nayamka Roberts-Smith! A licensed esthetician offering consultations, she also produces fantastic YouTube content. From educating and coaching young Black and brown people on the unique needs of their skin, to covering topics of holistic and nutrition-based skincare, Roberts-Smith is changing lives one video at a time.

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Dr. Shah: The Pimple-Popping Critic

If you have a secret obsession with watching those satisfying pimple-popping videos (let’s be honest—so many of us do this), you’ve probably already been acquainted with Dr. Shah. His duets critiquing the technique of various pimple-popping adventures are arguably what made him famous among skincare gurus on TikTok. That said, Dr. Shah is actually a skilled dermatologist, offering plenty of wisdom on his page.

Catch up on his TikTok videos.

Cassandra Bankson: Myth Buster Extraordinaire

If you feel overwhelmed by this trend and that, Cassandra Bankson might be the angel among skincare gurus you’ve been searching for. Over on TikTok, she’s known for analyzing constantly changing skincare trends as they circulate around the platform. She then provides great insight on whether or not they’re worth your time—or in some cases, whether or not they’re even safe for your skin. This medical esthetician knows her stuff!

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Karol Rodriguez: The Pro MUA

Sometimes it’s the makeup experts who have the very best skincare advice. After all, they understand what needs to happen for their work to have its best foundation. If you’re a makeup lover looking to achieve that smooth complexion that boosts any look, Karol Rodriguez is a must-follow. They share skincare and makeup tips you’ll love!

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James Welsh: A Content Creator With Range

For those who like to see a wide range of topics covered by their favorite skincare gurus, James Welsh might be your next favorite follow. Tips to heal a broken skin barrier, top beauty and skincare news, an analysis of pretty privilege, commenting on TikTok trends, skincare market and product forecasts—you name it, he is covering it.

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Dr. Howard-Verović: Your Totally Honest Bestie

Speaking of knowing which skincare trends are worth your time ... if you want the straightforward truth, look no further than Dr. Howard-Verović. Super informed and direct, she gets to the point and doesn’t sugarcoat her insights. If you ask us, Dr. Howard-Verović should be one of the skincare gurus you keep in your back pocket always!

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Beauty Within: The Dynamic K-Beauty Duo

Meet Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee, the brains behind Beauty Within! Via the brand, they explore skincare, beauty, and wellness on various platforms. If you have been on the hunt for skincare gurus who have a specialized knowledge of Korean beauty, these two will become your new daily watch. They cover it all, from the latest best-sellers to the tried-and-true favorites.

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Touching base with your dermatologist regularly is a must. But it can also be enjoyable and beneficial to connect with the online world’s best skincare gurus. Their advice, experiences, and ability to share information and updates in a digital minute make them amazing resources for anyone who loves all things skincare.

We hope this list gives you a few new beloved go-tos!

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