The Benefits of Probiotics for Women
The Benefits of Probiotics for Women

The Benefits of Probiotics for Women

You’ve likely heard about probiotics. But maybe you’ve never been sure what the exact benefits are beyond soothing stomach problems. The fact is, making probiotics a part of your daily routine can be life-changing. For women, this is especially true. Why? Well, that’s what we’re here to share today! Let’s talk about the benefits of probiotics for women. 

What Are Probiotics? 

First, let’s start with the most important question: what are probiotics? Basically, they are living microorganisms that help to balance your gut microbiome. For more on that, visit one of our previous blog posts, Gut Guide: Navigating the Terrain of Your Microbiome. But here are the basics: you intake these microorganisms via things like fermented foods and dairy products. Even though our microbiomes are made up of these microorganisms, sometimes there can be an imbalance. When more bad bacteria exists than good, it can wreak all kinds of havoc. You probably think of digestive issues, and certainly that can be the case. However, an imbalanced microbiome can also cause immune issues and more. 

In our modern world, preservative-filled foods are also giving our gut a run for its money. This may mean that balancing the microbiome is more challenging—and more important—than ever before. We see this truth playing out in the high volume of individuals who now deal with conditions like IBS or even early-onset colon cancers. 

Why Probiotics for Women Have an Added Layer of Importance

You might have read the title of this post and found the specificity odd—surely probiotics are great for men too? Yes, they definitely are! But we’ve chosen to talk about probiotics for women because of the added role they play in our systems. While men also suffer from hormonal imbalances, women naturally go through many hormone shifts in their lifetimes. From puberty to being on birth control to pregnancy and postpartum to menopause, there are many moments when our hormones are in major flux. And as anyone who suddenly experienced stomach trouble after going on a birth control pill will tell you, these transitions can seriously challenge your gut microbiome. 

It seems this relationship goes both ways, too. An imbalanced gut can also impact your hormone levels. A fascinating study published by Oxford Academic explores the “interplay between microbiota and the endocrine system.” One section notes, “Although the precise pathways of microbiota-hormonal signaling have not yet been deciphered, specific changes in hormone levels correlate with the presence of the gut microbiota. The microbiota produces and secretes hormones, responds to host hormones and regulates expression levels of host hormones.” 

Clearly, a balanced gut microbiome is a major benefit of probiotics for women. For us, the goal of keeping our gut in check might be a heftier one, and we could use a little help! 

The Benefits of Probiotics for Women

Now, let’s dive further into all of the reasons you should supplement with probiotics. 

Digestive Support

Acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea—a good probiotic may help you remedy and avoid it all. Probiotics can actually aid your body in digesting the food you eat and breaking down fiber, which is essential to avoiding those not-so-pleasant digestive issues. 

Healthy Gut Long-Term

We’ve kind of already touched on this, but taking probiotics will ensure that your gut microbiome is living its best life now and moving forward. If you’re consistent with taking your probiotics, this can result in a lifelong difference in your health—in so many ways but especially your gut. 

Immune System Boost

Like we said, probiotics can support your health in myriad ways. That includes bolstering your immune system! This connection may seem odd if you’ve never heard about it before. But when your gut wall is weakened, which can happen if you have a gut imbalance, it may allow more harmful bacteria to enter into your bloodstream. Just like that, it feels like you’re getting sick all the time. Your immune system may also be overworked by the fact that an imbalance could trigger it. 

Vaginal Wellness

This is another major reason that probiotics for women, specifically, are so great. They can actually help to support the bacterial balance happening down there, too. This is not only a good thing for the health of your vagina. It also helps to keep things smelling and feeling good. If you’ve ever noticed an unusual odor or itchiness down there, it could be because of bacterial imbalances. 

So, Which Probiotic Should You Take? 

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about PlantYourDay. Our vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free protein powder features ample probiotics. It’s also pH balancing and alkalizing and has only one gram of sugar! But back to the probiotics … lactobacillus acidophilus brings the balancing goodness you’re looking for. 

In general, you just want to be sure you’re researching the type of probiotics any product includes and how much they’re offering. Being mindful of this will help you to build the best routine for you! 

All in all, probiotics for women are a really good move, if you ask us. Consider bringing this addition into your routine for gut health—and honestly, whole-body health.

Questions about PlantYourDay? Explore our FAQs for answers! 

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