Spa Scalp Treatments DeeplyRooted
Spa Scalp Treatments DeeplyRooted

Take Your Scalp to the Spa: Treatments and Tips

For many of us, a focus on hair health involves worrying about the quality of our locks. But we should also be concerned for the wellness of our scalp. In fact, you could make the argument that this is the secret to healthy hair. Because the scalp is the foundation for every strand. And in the fall and winter months, dry weather brings increased stress to it. Today, we’re going to tell you how to take your scalp to the spa, with treatments and tips to relax, renew, and reinforce. Let’s get to the root of things (pun intended) … 


The Science of Scalp Health


Healthline tells us that according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, our scalp contains about 100,000 follicles. We can think of these as the soil from which a tree trunk might grow. But in the case of our hair, that trunk is a single strand. And from that follicle, sebum will be produced to keep the scalp moisturized and protect the surrounding skin from infection. 


When we think about issues like dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis, we’re working with an unbalanced microbiome. That’s right—your scalp has its own microbiome. In fact, each hair follicle has one that goes deep into the scalp. When your scalp becomes too dry, it could negatively impact the balance and health of those microbiomes. And that is … not good. Not only could this result in those unwelcome scalp issues we mentioned. It could also impact your overall wellness. 


A study published by the National Library of Medicine says, “There is evidence for a continuous exchange with the cutaneous immune system in healthy skin, where hair follicles provide unique anatomical niches.” In layman’s terms, an unwell scalp can translate into an unwell you. 


With so many elements of wellness hinging on scalp health, it is key to attend to this often-overlooked part of your whole-body care. 


But how do you best help your scalp? We’ve got five bits of advice.

Overhaul Your Haircare Routine

First up on the list is your shampoo and conditioner. The ingredients in these all-important, everyday products matter for scalp health.

For a shampoo, you want to look for a formula that is designed to gently exfoliate. Great ingredients to keep an eye out for include chlorella, which carries oxygen and nutrients in the blood directly to the scalp. Our own DeeplyRooted® Shampoo includes a proprietary ingredient called Capisoothe with this plant source.

In your conditioner, you want a hydration powerhouse. Enter, our DeeplyRooted® Conditioner, which features olive oil bursting Lipobeads for ultra moisture.

But these two aren’t the only parts of your lineup to reconsider. Using a great serum and hair-centric supplement can also help! Check out our full DeeplyRooted® System to learn how it all works together.

Be Gentle and Lengthen Your Wash Cycle

You’ve probably heard people talk about trying to go more days between every hair wash. Everyone’s needs are different and washing frequently isn’t always a terrible thing. But washing hair too often—every day or even multiple times a day can dry out your scalp. 

Cleansing the scalp roughly, though it can feel good, is also a bad idea.

Combine these insights to rethink your shampooing routine. Aim to lengthen the amount of time you take between shampoo sessions and always be gentle.

Eat Antioxidants (Your Body, Mind, and Soul Will Thank You!)

We love this tip because it is a win in so many ways. When the volume of damaging free radicals is higher than the volume of beneficial antioxidants in our body, something called oxidative stress occurs. This is a very bad thing. It can lead to diabetes, heart issues, and is even believed to contribute to certain types of cancer. But it can also cause hair loss and negatively impact your scalp.

So, what’s the solution? Antioxidants! And thankfully, they are easy to find in the rainbow of produce we have access to. Here are a few of the top picks for an antioxidant-rich diet:

Red cabbage
Purple or red grape
Sweet potatoes
Acorn squash
Butternut squash

And guess what? Outside of the fruit and veggie category, there is another antioxidant superfood you’ll likely love to welcome into the pantry: dark chocolate. Yum!

Implement a Humidifier in Your Nighttime Routine

We talked about this in one of our other recent blog posts, but we’re going to reiterate it here! Especially when you are dealing with dry weather, a humidifier can be a game changer. With regard to scalp health, it can help to keep your body more generally hydrated. Our best tip is to purchase a powerful humidifier, like one of these, and run it each night while you sleep. 

Drink Lots of Water

Speaking of whole-body hydration, here’s the tip you are probably sick of hearing: drink water. We know, we know. Some celebrities and influencers have made it feel like all of life’s problems can be solved by drinking more water. And like … they can’t. But the issue of keeping your scalp moisturized really can be solved in part by drinking plenty of water! Plus, keeping properly hydrated does have myriad other benefits and boosts.

If you need some encouragement in your water-drinking journey, worry not! There are tons of people who passionately dedicate themselves to the mission of drinking water. One such person is Dani Bruflodt, creator of The Daily Page Planner and the mind behind the website and Instagram account with a cult following titled Hey, You Drink Water. Through the later, she inspires followers to, well, drink more water! Give it all a scroll. 

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