Should I Shampoo Twice
Should I Shampoo Twice

Should You Invest in Double Cleansing Your Scalp?

Some years ago, a Korean skincare practice hit the scene internationally and had all of us whipping out our wallets. That tradition turned trend was double cleansing the face, and it has proven to have staying power (and great results). But why shouldn’t our hair care get the same attention? One question begets another: should you invest in double cleansing your scalp? We're going to help you find the answer!

A Healthy Scalp Yields Healthy Hair

First, why is the scalp so important? As hair health expert Shab Reslan shared in a chat with Well+ Good, it is where all luscious locks begin! “Properscalp care is often overlooked by many people since the focus is mainly on the aesthetic of hair itself,” she says. “Much like the importance of quality soil in order for a plant or flower to grow from, the scalp requires a balanced and healthy environment in order to grow its best hair.”

That environment shouldn’t include debris or residues, and if we’re only cleansing once ... it might.

The Case for Double Cleansing

Having a fully clean scalp that still maintains its natural oils is especially beneficial if you're fighting a hair health battle. That is true even if you’re dealing with something like trichotillomania. Double cleansing your scalp can improve, as Reslan put it, the foundation from which hair could grow back.

But even if you don’t suffer from a major challenge, a clean scalp is always a good thing.

From the dirt we pick up outside to the contaminants from shower water to the residue of dry shampoo and styling products, there are plenty of things on our scalp at the end of the day that doesn't need to be there. And double cleansing your scalp is the key to remedying this!

 The primary reason that double cleansing the face is so impactful is to remove makeup and environmental pollutants. With that out of the way, the second round of cleansing will see product work at its full potential. The same goes for hair.

Renowned hairdresser and certified trichologist Guy Parsons said it best when he sat down with Harper’s Bazaar. “Wipe your face with cotton wool at the end of a day in London and that level of dirt is all over your hair and scalp.” Ick!

Double cleansing is the answer. Get the gunk off, and then enjoy cleanse number two! 

Double Cleansing Your Scalp: The Process

So, let’s talk about precisely how you should be doubling up.

Because you don’t want to go overboard with any old shampoo. If the formula is too stripping, and you use it twice as much, you could deprive your scalp of its good natural oils. The key is to find products that are exfoliating (to pull all of the gross stuff off) without being too harsh and moisturizing without being too greasy. It’s a tall order!

But as hair aficionados ourselves, we have invested a lot of energy into finding the perfect solutions. Enter, our DeeplyRooted Shampoo and DeeplyRooted Hair Serum.

The first was crafted with ingredients designed to support healthy, gentle exfoliation. It wouldmake for a perfect first-round cleanser.

Next, go in with another favorite shampoo. (Remember, nothing that will strip too many oils!)

Third, in the lineup is conditioner; let’s say DeeplyRootedConditioner. ;)


Lastly, once you are out of the shower, you can support those good oils with our DeeplyRooted Hair Serum. It can be applied to a wet or dry scalp.

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