shampoo and conditioner, woman holding shampoo, beauty products, deeplyrooted, scalp health
shampoo and conditioner, woman holding shampoo, beauty products, deeplyrooted, scalp health

Scalp Health 101: Nourishing Your Roots for Supported Strands

When we think about luscious locks, we don’t always focus on the scalp. But we should! This part of our body has both an epidermis and dermis, as well as our collection of hair follicles. We recently outlined why your follicles play such a critical role in hair growth and health. The gist is this: the follicle is the space in which a strand of hair grows. It bursts out from the scalp, and if you have an unhealthy scalp, its ability to go through the natural cycle of shedding and regrowth is hindered. Scalp health also contributes to the texture of your hair, and an unwell scalp could cause itchiness, dandruff, and other problems. In summary, scalp health is hair health! So today, we’re taking you to school … Welcome to Scalp Health 101. 

The Importance of Exfoliation 

This is another scalp-tastic topic we’ve touched on before, but it is difficult to overstate the importance of exfoliation for your scalp health. When you properly exfoliate, it helps to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and product buildup. All of those things can clog hair follicles, so they are decidedly undesirable. Here is the tricky thing though: not all exfoliation techniques are equal. When you exfoliate too harshly, it can strip the good oils from your scalp and cause irritation. The key is gentle exfoliation. Enter, our DeeplyRooted shampoo, which was formulated to suit exactly this purpose. 

Nourish Directly for Ultimate Scalp Health

Speaking of DeeplyRooted, we also need to suggest using our serum for scalp health. While we’ll touch on nutrition for scalp support, delivering stimulating and nourishing ingredients directly to the scalp is a great move. Our serum is a cellular restoring treatment, and its clinical performance has been game changing. In a study conducted with 10 males and 10 females suffering from androgenic alopecia, it increased hair grown in just three months by 78%. It also decreased hair loss in a pull test by 33.3% and the number of hairs per centimeter squared after four months increased by 79%. 

First of all, those stats prove the power of scalp health in creating overall hair health. But second, we are proud of our serum and think you will be proud of the gorgeous hair it helps you achieve! 

If scalp health is hair health, then hair health is DeeplyRooted.

Eat a Balanced Diet and Supplement

Alongside your topical scalp health journey, consider a focus on supporting nutritional and supplemental elements. There are many delicious foods that trichologists point to when encouraging their patients to eat for scalp health. These include:  

  • Yogurt
  • Berries
  • Citrus
  • Avocados
  • Beans 
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Brazil nuts

Of course, supplementing can also be beneficial to your health in multi-faceted ways. Consider our DeeplyRooted supplement, which is designed to support your hair and scalp health. We also recommend PlantYourDay protein powder and Collagen+, as these additions boast ingredients that are good for many parts of the body, including your scalp. 

Stay Hydrated

When we say “stay hydrated,” we mean inside and out! As with nutrition, applying hydration to your scalp topically (hello, DeeplyRooted conditioner) and via drinking enough water is a great combo. If you’re in need of a chic bottle that will help you keep track of your daily ounces, we love this one

Protect Your Scalp from Sun Damage

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a scalp health tip that should be a whole-health tip: wear sunscreen. Most of us are clear on the importance of sunscreen by now. But how often do you remember to lather up your scalp? Try not to forget this step in your routine! Purchase a great formula, like Image Skincare’s Prevention+ clear solar gel with SPF 30, and apply it always. 

Treating your scalp with the same care and attention you give to the rest of your hair and body is the first step toward luscious locks. By incorporating these scalp care tips into your everyday to-dos, you can create an optimal environment for growth and vitality. Remember, scalp health is hair health! 

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