DeeplyRooted hair growth and health supplement
DeeplyRooted hair growth and health supplement

New Study Shows Hush & Hush DeeplyRooted Dramatically Increases Hair Growth

Hair loss, which is also known as alopecia, affects over 50% of men and women by age 50. Although not life threatening, hair loss can dramatically affect someone’s self-esteem and quality of life. Since the skin (the scalp, which is made up of skin, houses hair) is an indicator of internal health and wellness, any changes to the growth pattern of the hair, as well as the scalp itself, may reveal an internal imbalance of some sort or a nutritional deficiency.

When it comes to the different types of hair loss, female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is the most common form of alopecia in women. Early diagnosis and initiation of treatment are desirable because treatments are more effective to avoid the progression of hair loss than stimulating regrowth. Typically, a diagnosis of FPHL can be confirmed by review of a patient’s medical history and a physical examination alone.

To date, two medications—minoxidil and finasteride—have been approved by the FDA for treatment of alopecia. Although effective, they can cause significant side effects ranging from dermatitis to male sexual dysfunction and female infertility. Alternative medications and more natural, plant-based supplements are becoming more mainstream options to reduce or even help reduce hair loss and its symptoms.

In an effort to give both men and women a holistic, non-medicine-based, nonprescription option, Hush & Hush DeeplyRooted was created. Harnessing the powers of proven vitamins, minerals and time-tested botanicals and patented ingredients, the formulation has shown exceptional results.

Recently, the effectiveness of DeeplyRooted was evaluated in healthy patients with symptoms and signs of FPHL and complaints of thinning hair. During the study, 33 non-paid female subjects, ages 21 to 65, were given a three-month supply of DeeplyRooted and instructed to take four capsules every day. After three months of taking four capsules of DeeplyRooted daily, 30 out of 33 subjects (91%) reported overall improved hair growth; 26 subjects (78%) reported increased hair volume; 27 subjects (81%) reported improved hair quality; 25 (76%) subjects found more new hairs growing; 24 (73%) subjects perceived an increase in total hair amount; 23 (70%) subjects noticed improved scalp coverage; and 22 (67%) subjects noticed that their hair was growing thicker. In comparing the patients before-and-after images, the physicians reported that 70% of the images were rated as improved, 30% as no change and none as worsened.

The formulation of botanicals with potent anti-inflammatory agents, anti-stress adaptogens, antioxidants and DHT-inhibiting properties, work collectively to combat the multiple underlying factors that compromise hair growth and hair and scalp health.

In conclusion, regular supplementation with DeeplyRooted over a three-month period can definitely help most healthy females with self-perceived thinning and hair loss to grow more hair, increase the strength of their hair, increase hair volume, improve hair quality, increase the amount of hairs, improve scalp coverage and improve hair thickness without any adverse events or side effects. DeeplyRooted is a valuable, clean and clinically-based option for unwanted hair changes.

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