Husband and wife, Janna Ronert and Marc Ronert
Husband and wife, Janna Ronert and Marc Ronert

Meet the Brains Behind the Secret

More than 15 years ago, the founders of Hush & Hush, Dr. Marc and Janna Ronert, created Image Skincare, one of the leading professional skincare lines worldwide. With a background in skin, aging and beauty—Janna is an aesthetician by trade, and Dr. Ronert is a European board-certified plastic surgeon—it made perfect sense for the duo to create the Hush & Hush line, which was born out of frustration when they couldn’t find clean, clinical, high-end beauty supplements that fit their needs.

Following a clean lifestyle is a philosophy that both Janna and Dr. Ronert subscribe to, and the key to healthy living consists of using both high-quality internal and external products made from the best possible ingredients. “We know it’s important to nourish the body and its cells with internal supplements, and if we couldn’t find clean products, we knew others faced the same frustrations,” he says. Hence, the assembling of Hush & Hush.

“With a motto of “Our science, your secret”, Hush & Hush delves deep into the needs and wants of today’s modern consumer with formulations that cater to inner and outer health, well-being and beauty. "Each plant- and herb-based product in the luxurious line is hand-formulated with the intent to change the way we live,” she says.

Dr. Ronert may be a surgeon by trade, but he is a scientist at heart who instills principles of healthy living coupled with evidence-based methodologies into everything he touches to decelerate and reverse the aging process. The visionary scientist and clinical research pioneer continually unearths new ingredients, technologies, formulations and protocols to generate forward-thinking, groundbreaking products that deliver results. And all of this logic is evident in Hush & Hush. He is also the author of Age Later, a healthy living tome that focuses on the necessary tools to live a younger, longer, more fulfilling life.

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