DeeplyRooted Silk Hair Scarf
DeeplyRooted Silk Hair Scarf

How to Wear a Head Scarf for Healthy Hair & a Stylish Look

If you are a follower of all things hair care, you’ve probably come across the advice to reduce friction. Using hair ties without seams and saying goodnight with a silk pillowcase are two great ways to cut back on breakage. But so too is the head scarf—and it's on-trend, thanks to the latest old-school resurgence. If you haven’t heard, Y2K is back! We think it’s great timing, as we're thrilled to introduce our DeeplyRooted head scarf. A styling tool for your hair and the rest of your ensemble, too, it is undeniably nifty to have on hand. To celebrate, here are a few of our ideas on how to wear a head scarf...

But First, Context

Before we jump into the fun ways to use your head scarf, we want to dive into a bit of the trend's history. First off, it should never go unacknowledged that many women have dealt with prejudice for wearing scarves in the past. Muslim women, for whom a head scarf is so much more than an accessory, still face challenges for wearing them today. And in Black culture, silk head wraps have a long history. They’ve set a precedent that inspired and informed this trend from the beginning. Sika’a, a clothing brand celebrating African fashion, has a great article about it.

Second, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point it out: Head scarves became popular in the Y2K era because, at the time, we were all loving the 1960s vibes again. Like so many trends, this one has been cyclical! We think that makes it pretty timeless ... now let’s talk about how to wear a head scarf!

Ponytail Time

We’ll start with one of the most simple (yet so stylish!) ways to wear a head scarf: ponytails! Sure, you could just tie that pony back with a scrunchie—it gets the job done. But head scarves offer a way to elevate the look. For a super secure tie, use a small seamless band and then wrap the scarf overtop. It will still look like the scarf is holding it in place, but you’ll have double the strength.

Braided Beauty

If we’re being honest, this might be our favorite way to wear a head scarf. It’s chic and unique! But the downside is that it also demands a touch more effort and know-how than some of the other ideas on this list. Luckily, a quick YouTube or Pinterest search will bring you plenty of tutorials!

A New Way to Headband

Wonderfully uncomplicated but sure to make a mark, scarves as headbands are a go-to to keep in your back pocket. For the days when your hair is sitting nicely but you feel like you need to dress it up a little, scarf headbands are a win. You can tie the scarf back at the base of your neck, or you could tuck the loose scarf strands behind your ears for a distinctly 60s feel.

Wrap That Bun

Top knot lovers, this one’s for you! Elevate your beloved low-maintenance style by wrapping a scarf around the base of your bun. Leave the scarf strands to hand down the back of your neck, or tie them into a cute little bow at the front or back.

Jewelry for the Wrist

The lovely thing about exploring how to wear a head scarf is that you don’t have to stick to hairstyles! It is a versatile tool. When you aren’t in the mood to use it in your hair, or if you think you might want to transition to that later in the day, consider a head scarf bracelet! Whether you tie it around your wrist and let the strands hang loose or wrap it up and down your arm, this is sure to add a unique element to your look.

Go Bold with a Necktie

Although, is it all that bold? Neckties are becoming for both men and women nowadays. And this is another way to wear a head scarf! Tie it around your neck and tuck the strands between two buttons of a button-down shirt or into the front of a jacket. Or, let them loose. Either way, it will make you seem oh-so chic.

Handbag Accessory

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about the handbag! This is another smart way to keep your scarf on hand in case you want to use it later. But it also just adds some poshness to your purse. Secure it around a handle on one side for that Hermès-inspired vibe. Treat it like a fashion accessory and use it to improve your hair’s health ... the way to wear ahead scarf is however you want on any given day. Its beauty is in its versatility! And in its gorgeous design, in the case of our 100% silk DeeplyRooted head scarf—we’re biased of course. Check it out, and share how you’ve styled it by posting a photo or video with#DeeplyRootedStyle in the caption on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok. Cue the heart eyes emoji.

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