Healthy Hair Is in Bloom
Healthy Hair Is in Bloom

Healthy Hair Is in Bloom

During the season in which nature comes back to life, many of us consider the same for ourselves and our lifestyles. Spring cleaning is likely top of mind, and many of us are rethinking our exercise and nutrition routines in preparation for summer. But another area in which revitalization could be called for is haircare. We think this is the perfect opportunity to reinvest in healthy hair, whether through the regimens you implement and the products you use or a fresh new cut. Today, we’ll examine all of the inspiration through the lens of the latest trends. 



Rosemary Oil


From TikTok to YouTube to Martha Stewart’s Real Simple publication, countless sources have been contributing to the buzz about rosemary oil this year. But, is the hype reflecting a true all-star of growth? 


We think so! Rosemary boasts antiseptic properties and the ability to heal tissue and nerve damage, the latter owing to its carnosic acid. These qualities make it great for the scalp, and a rejuvenated scalp is promising for those seeking hair growth. One 2015 trial even found that rosemary oil was as effective at treating androgenetic alopecia as the drug minoxidil—quite an impressive feat. 


Some have suggested rosemary oil could even be used to prevent premature graying and reduce dandruff as well! 


If you ask us, the rumors are true—rosemary is a healthy hair game changer worth its place in your routine. 


Heatless Curls


If you love to style your hair thoughtfully every day, the concept of heatless methods may be both terrifying and intriguing. On one hand, you know heat styling does wonders for the look you love. But on the other hand, you worry about the daily damage you’re doing. The burning (pun intended, though we hope you never burn your locks) question is “Are heatless curls a good enough substitute?” 


We’ll give you a straightforward answer: Yes, if you put the work in. 


Heatless curls can be just as gorgeous as those you craft with your trusty curling iron. But in order for this to be true, you have to pay careful attention to the technique of your chosen method. It pays to do it right!


If you want to try heatless curls for healthy hair and aren’t sure where to start, Seventeen has a great article covering 11 of the foremost approaches. 


Innovative Tools


All of that said, if you really can’t get behind the heatless trend, upgrading your styling tools could be a boon for healthy hair, too! 


State-of-the-art technology like the Dyson Airwrap can and does cut back on damage. In the Airwrap’s case, drying and styling in one go and without extreme heat makes a huge impact on your hair’s health. 


Washing Hair Less and Exfoliating


We’ve touched on this topic before, but most experts agree that washing hair every day is less than ideal. This is because it can strip the scalp of too many natural oils. 


To improve upon healthy hair, engaging with the trend of washing every two, three, or even four days could be a key spring shift!


Alongside this trend, a greater appreciation for exfoliating the scalp has been coming to the forefront. As a brand dedicated to scalp health, we obviously love the attention it’s getting! Your scalp does benefit immensely from proper exfoliation. You just want to ensure you aren’t using anything too rough or, as mentioned above, intense enough to strip tons of natural oil. Our DeeplyRooted® collection, and specifically the shampoo, is designed to gently exfoliate. What better time to try a Hush & Hush favorite than spring?


Healthy Haircut Trends


Once you have the perfect healthy hair regimen locked in place, your thoughts might turn to another arena: haircut season. As we enter into the warmest time of the year (for many climates) and focus on change as spring inspires us to, the idea of a fresh trim can be quite appealing. 


Indeed, trimming one’s strands is another key to healthy hair. But an excitingly different look can be the motivation, too. Let’s explore a few of the top trending haircuts we love! 


Contouring for Hair


An overarching haircut trend for healthy hair that compliments one’s entire look is contouring—yes, we can apply this term to hair! 


In concept, it means the same thing as it does for the face. The goal is to use the cut to frame your face, enhancing natural features. We think this trend toward personalizing a haircut to suit one’s physical traits is only going to grow.  


The Shaggy Lob


It has been an up-and-comer for a little while, but we think the shaggy lob is heading toward the top in 2023. This cut screams effortless chic … if French beauty is your thing, you are likely to love this one. 


Plus, if your hair type is well-suited to this cut (talk to your stylist!), it can be remarkably low-maintenance. 


Retro Fringe


The OG shaggy cut is back, too! With inspiration from the likes of Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn, there are plenty of gorg photos to bring to your stylist for this one. 


You know that TikTok filter trending a few months ago that showed your face in makeup from different eras? If the 70s look suited you, maybe it’s time to try out the fringe! 


Butterfly Layers


Call it layers a la Cindy Crawford—this style is a total vibe. If you want to go a little bolder and, again, kick up the volume, this could be a great look for your spring switch-up. 


The only caveat we’ll mention: this might not be the most low-maintenance of the bunch. To keep these gorgeous layers bouncing like they did at the salon, you’ll need to have a pretty solid roller and/or blow dry routine. 


Internal Layers


Ever the volume seeker? If so, internal layers might be the answer you’re looking for. Whereas “traditional” layers appear on the outer part of a style and add character to your look, internal layers are beneath the visible part of your hair, creating volume by fluffing up those outer layers. 


The Wolf Cut


At first consideration, this might not seem like the most appealing look unless you are a literal rockstar. Something of a hybrid between mullet and shag, the wolf cut definitely has a rebellious, wild sort of feel (it is well-named!). But if you like this look, there are plenty of ways to customize it for your face. This trend is one to inspire creativity! 


There are certainly many haircut and hair growth trends out there, but we think these ones are primed to be top of mind for celebrities, influencers, and more this year. 


While everything else is in bloom, healthy hair should be too! 


If you refresh with a new cut, product, or routine inspired by this post, be sure to share it by tagging us using #healthyhairinbloom on social media. 

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