Shoulder, Back, Rear View, Women, 20-29 Years,My skin problems are a thing of the past
Shoulder, Back, Rear View, Women, 20-29 Years,My skin problems are a thing of the past

Going Backless for Spring? We’ve Got You Covered!

No matter where it occurs, acne can be a challenging thing to deal with. Whether because they damage your confidence, hinder your favorite makeup looks, or cause actual pain, the blemishes of acne are no fun. But when we’re talking about bacne, a whole new set of negatives comes into play. Although it might seem easier to manage since you can wear clothing that covers it, bacne provides its own set of drawbacks. It can be much more painful than facial acne. Bacne also tends to be difficult to treat. Not to mention, once the weather warms, covering it up isn’t so simple and can be downright uncomfortable. Plus, you should be able to enjoy going backless for spring and summer—so many fashion moments of these breezy seasons include showing a little skin. So, what can you do about bacne? We’ve got a few answers. 

Causes of Bacne

Before we dive into our advice, let’s quickly go over the unique factors involved in bacne. As we said, it can be difficult to treat, and this is primarily due to its more specific implications. 

In some cases, bacne is simply caused by trapped sweat. Those who workout a lot in clothing that traps sweat around the back might experience bacne. If this is the case, the fix is easy! Invest in workout tops that wick the moisture away, and be sure to shower and clean your back ASAP after getting those reps in. 

That said, many bacne cases are hormonal. Specifically, an excess of testosterone can contribute to bacne. This is why so many teenage boys deal with it, but grown men and even women can experience hormone imbalances that boost testosterone. If you think this could be the case, consult with your doctor about testing your hormones and exploring root causes. 

Bacne is also frequently caused by medications, like corticosteroids, lithium, anticonvulsants, and others.  

As you can see, bacne often has root causes with a bit more complexity than other types of acne. Hence, it can be difficult to treat. However, employing a great bacne-centric routine can help to eliminate bacne. Let’s dive in!  

Practice Good Hygiene  

We already mentioned this one, but it is key when it comes to bacne. It’s just natural that the back receives less open air flow than the face. That means the skin there has more opportunity to clog and hold onto sweat. Be sure to clean your back well when you shower. If you struggle with bacne regularly, there are certain body washes that are formulated to help. Image Skincare’s Body Spa exfoliating body scrub is a great go-to for keeping those back pores clean! 

Supplement With Bacne in Mind

Another way to support your body in fighting bacne is to supplement. Yes, there are supplements designed almost specifically for this purpose! Our very own SkinCapsule CLEAR+ comes to mind. Formulated with a potent blend of 10 natural ingredients, it combats inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and excess oil production. 

Our goal in crafting this supplement was to limit the need for an Rx, and countless happy reviewers have showcased its success in doing so. Since it is formulated to help with multiple causes of bacne, it makes a great partner in preventing this particular issue. 

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

This one is a pro tip for many reasons. Honestly, while catching a few rays can provide much-needed vitamin D, any level of excess related to sun exposure is less than ideal. Between the risk of skin cancer, causing premature wrinkles, and the discomfort of a burn, there are plenty of reasons to avoid overdoing it. Bacne, in fact, is also one of them. When your skin deals with too much sun exposure, the sebaceous glands kick into high gear. They’re attempting to avoid the skin drying out, which is the message they’re getting when you experience a burn or even near burn. The result, though, is that you’ll have overactive glands for a few days or sometimes longer. This is a key element in the formation of bacne. 

Our advice? Say no to prolonged sun exposure whenever possible, and always wear sunscreen! 

Be Thoughtful About Harsh Methods and Products

When you cause abrasion or irritation to your skin, there is always a greater chance of developing acne. That doesn’t cease to be true for your back! If you are a chronic loofah scrubber, consider taking a break or finding a gentler tool. The same goes for dry brushing. While it can be a game-changing method for many people, those prone to bacne might want to avoid dry brushing. 

Body care products with a lot of ingredients that could irritate are also a consideration when preventing bacne. If you have sensitive skin, it might be best to avoid products with a ton of fragrance or other agitating ingredients. 

Think Twice About Anything That Rubs Against Your Back

This tip might seem odd, but dermatologists believe that the irritation caused by something like a backpack moving up and down all day can contribute to bacne. If bacne has been an ongoing challenge for you, this could be a tip worth exploring. 

With these tips, you could be on the way to resolving and preventing bacne as we enter into the warmer months! No one should have to deal with the pain, discomfort, and frustration any type of acne can bring. It may be a part of life, but there are steps we can take to try and eliminate it wherever possible. 

We hope this advice (and our CLEAR+ formula) can help you to do just that. 

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