Why Sustainable Packaging Matters
Why Sustainable Packaging Matters

For the Planet: Hush & Hush’s Sustainable Packaging

Here at Hush & Hush, we are on a mission to make life better—and that includes all life on our beautiful planet! We tend to focus on the products we carefully formulate to improve your health and wellness. But our teams have also invested ample time and effort into eco-friendly production methods and packaging. Take, for example, our Collagen+ formula. The first vegetarian collagen supplement of its kind, it is made with recycled eggshells. That said, today we’re going to talk about our sustainable packaging. Here’s how we are keeping things green! 

Why Sustainable Packaging Matters

First, let’s answer a question the above might have prompted for you: “How much does this matter?” It’s understandable to wonder if sustainable packaging has become more of a trend than a useful change. But it really does have an incredible impact on our planet, especially when as many companies as possible join in. Because plastic is … a big problem. 

From oceans to soil, every part of our environment is negatively impacted by plastics. Why? Primarily because they take so long to break down. This means that plastic builds up fast and takes up a ton of space in our ecosystems. 

In the water, plastic can survive for centuries. It is often laced with chemicals that injure animals when ingested. Plastic that is buried deep in landfills frequently releases chemicals that then spread into our groundwater. 

You can see how this harms everyone, from the budding flower to the blue whale to the grazing deer—to us! Plastics are harmful to humans, too. 

If you’d like to learn more about the impact of plastics on the environment, we recommend this article: Environmental Toll of Plastics.

The Solutions 

There are many ways to attack this problem. But one simple solution manufacturers and consumers can aim to support is the use of more sustainable packaging, like our sugar cane plastic substitute and glass! 

Innovative Packaging for Our Topical Products

Now this is a sustainable packaging effort of which we’re extra proud. For products like our DeeplyRooted hair serum, shampoo, and conditioner, we use a special material made from Brazilian sugar cane. It’s called I’m green™ bio-based polyethylene. This material is truly innovative, enabling us to achieve the flexibility and squeezable ease of plastic without the harmful effects of the latter. Unlike plastic, it is fully recyclable. It also stores CO2, making it a contributor to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Glass When Possible: An Ideal Recyclable Material

I’m green™ is such a game-changer in sustainable packaging because glass isn’t always a viable solution for certain products. However, when it can be used, it is a fabulous resource. Because it can be reused so many times over and does not release harmful chemicals the way plastic does, glass is a far preferable packaging option. Whenever possible, we use glass! Our supplements, including DeeplyRooted, MindYourMind, ShieldUp, TimeCapsule, and the SkinCapsule collection, are packaged in beautiful amber glass bottles. Hot tip: While these recycle well, they can also make for a great upcycling project. Consider using them as containers for overnight oats or removing the cap to create a mini vase for herb and flower clippings—perfect for spring!

At the heart of Hush & Hush is a drive to positively impact the lives of our customers. However, we also hold protecting the planet near and dear. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how our sustainable packaging contributes to doing just that! 

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