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Follicle Is Our Favorite ‘F’ Word: This Group of Cells Is V Important

It might feel odd to say that follicle is one of your favorite words, but as people passionate about hair health, we absolutely feel this way. We like it much better than other ‘F’ words, and that isn’t because we’re trying to be polite! Your hair follicles are intricately tied to your hair’s health. In fact, the very function of a hair follicle is growth. Although they also help to repair broken skin and even form new blood vessels—this part of the body is quite a powerhouse. So, it’s time to explore the science behind this all-important part of hair health. 

First of All, What Are Hair Follicles? 

A follicle is defined as “a small, spherical or vase-like group of cells enclosing a cavity in which some other structure grows or other material is contained.” In the case of hair follicles, that other material is your hair! The root of each strand rests at the bottom of a follicle, where it also attaches to blood vessels. Then, the strand reaches “skyward” until it enters the dermis, epidermis, and finally, your head of hair. 

Keeping hair follicles healthy is central to hair health and growth. When hair follicles don’t receive the nutrients they need, it could cause thinning of their linings. This may cause them to stop growing hair. Even when conditions beyond general wellness are to blame for hair loss, it usually comes back to the follicle.  

Genetics, weight changes, hormonal shifts (including those associated with pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause), and other medical conditions can all result in hair loss because they sometimes trigger thinning hair follicles. 

While this can be temporary in many of the aforementioned instances, it isn’t always. When the health of hair follicles seems to be compromised in a lasting way, you’ll want to consider how you can support revitalization. 

This is where we come in. Follicle is our favorite “F” word because it is one of the areas in which we can make the biggest difference in people’s lives. 

How to Support Hair Follicle Health

For a well-rounded approach to supporting your best hair follicles, you want to remember this mantra: exfoliate and nourish. 

When you properly exfoliate the scalp on a regular basis, you can prevent hair follicles from getting clogged up with too many pollutants and natural oils. When a follicle is congested in this way, it isn’t able to absorb the nutrients it needs in as high a density. Exfoliating can also stimulate circulation, since hair follicles are connected to blood vessels. Altogether, this is a recipe for greater hair growth that can be closer to a lifelong thing than you’d think. 

We’ve shared a few blog posts about the importance of treating your scalp well, if you’d like to explore this topic more. But the gist of it is: exfoliation is one core tenet. This is why our DeeplyRooted Shampoo is designed to gently exfoliate the scalp. It’s your go-to for a scalp that can breathe! 

Now let’s talk about the nourishing element. We keep mentioning the importance of nutrient flow to hair follicles, so how can you give it all a boost? 

Nutrition for Healthy Hair Follicles

Foods rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as iron, protein, and zinc, all contribute to healthy hair follicles. But you might be thinking … a lot of those are in a ton of foods, so I’m good? Well … while it’s great to consume those healthy whole foods with plenty of nutrients, there is a reason doctors are constantly emphasizing the importance of supplements. 

Our modern diets can make consuming and absorbing the necessary volume of nutrients challenging, even if you are eating healthy. It’s also just hard to know if you are, honestly. Unless you’re getting regular testing done or have a major symptom of deficiency, you might not realize that your absorption levels are far from optimal. 

In this way, supplements assist us all in maintaining whole-body health—hair follicles included. Our DeeplyRooted supplement contains vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and patented ingredients proven to nourish the scalp. Make it a part of your routine for the happiest of hair follicles!
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