collagen in smoothie
collagen in smoothie

Everything You Need to Know About Vegetarian Collagen

For a while now, the beauty and wellness industries have been espousing the benefits of supplementing with collagen. The results certainly justify this devotion. Those who regularly ingest the powerful protein witness positive improvements in many categories of their health. But until recently, a lack of vegetarian options made this game changer inaccessible for thousands of individuals—and that isn’t the only downside to bovine and marine formulas. A vegetarian solution was in demand, and thanks to the dedication of leading experts who think outside the box, a few alternative collagen options have now hit the scene. Hush & Hush is proud to be a part of this first wave of change, with our new Collagen+ formulation. Join us as we talk all things vegetarian collagen. 

What Is Collagen?

First off, why should you care about this innovation? We’ll be getting into even more detail on the magic of collagen in an upcoming blog post. For now, let’s summarize the benefits.  

At Hush & Hush, the phrase “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” has always been a guiding mantra for us. We are passionate about the power of internal supplementation as a complement to topical products. This approach, we believe, is the key to truly revolutionary beauty, health, and wellness support. And this is where collagen comes in. 

Although many topical products also include the protein, it has become a household supplement in recent years as well. It helps to support healthy joints and skin elasticity, and its natural occurrence is somewhat finite. After the age of 25, your body begins to lose some of its ability to produce collagen effectively. In fact, after the age of 20, collagen production is reduced by 1% per year. Some external factors, like pollution, oxidative stress, sun exposure, vitamin C deficiency, smoking, and various toxins—even excess consumption of sugar and alcohol—can also accelerate this process. 

The result of losing collagen and producing less over time? Well, the quality of our skin, but also our hair and nails, begins to suffer. Skin will lose some firmness and elasticity, which causes wrinkles. Hair and nails may become more brittle as they have less collagen to work with. 

The Benefits of Supplementing With Collagen

Happily, supplementation with collagen has been proven to turn some of this around. According to an article from Harvard Health, the International Journal of Dermatology reviewed and analyzed 19 studies with a total of 1,125 participants, and their findings were exciting. “Those who used collagen supplements saw an improvement in the firmness, suppleness, and moisture content of the skin, with wrinkles appearing less noticeable.” 

The potential drawback was the source. Collagen naturally occurs in our bodies—and those of other animals. Up until very recently, collagen supplements were exclusively made using the bone, cartilage, and hide of cows or the skin and scales of fish. Of course, this excluded vegetarians from enjoying the benefits of collagen. 

As we’ve grown fond of saying, “moove over bovine!” Hush & Hush is one of the first organizations to carefully formulate vegetarian collagen, ushering in a whole new era of skin and joint support. 

Here is the most exciting part: vegetarian collagen is a way to make supplementation accessible to more people, but it’s also the better solution altogether. That’s right … 

Vegetarian Collagen Is More Effective Than Bovine or Marine

Here is a “fun” fact that isn’t so fun: animal collagens are missing one of the nine essential amino acids, which means these formulations aren’t offering the complete protein. This is not the case with vegetarian collagen. 

Collagen+ Is Collagen Without Compromise 

Our breakthrough formula includes three types of collagen (while animal-sourced collagen only has two) and all nine amino acids. With hydrolyzed peptides for increased absorption and clinically studied ingredients, Collagen+ is a true powerhouse of a supplement. Oh, and it’s made with natural flavors, non-GMO, gluten-free, and includes no sugar.

You might be thinking, how is this magical formula made? 

We source more than 2 billion discarded, unfertilized eggshells from landfills annually and turn them into powdered gold. But while our main ingredient is sustainably sourced, the power of its results is far from recycled. 

In clinical trials, we observed that those taking a daily dose of 450 mg a day for just four weeks began to see visible signs of a more youthful appearance. These included a reduction of crows feet and fine lines, as well as an evening of skin tone. It also reduced hair breakage and improved hair growth, in four weeks. 

Mix it into your morning coffee or afternoon smoothie, or scoop it onto your oatmeal—however you choose to incorporate Collagen+, this sustainably crafted, vegetarian collagen is an industry first and your new best friend in the mission to age gracefully. 

Use the hashtag #collagenwithoutcompromise to show us how you’re adding Collagen+ to your routines. 

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