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Demystifying Scalp Health: Insights and Products You Should Know About

When we, as a society, talk about hair health and preventing hair loss, we often focus on the hair itself. Countless products promise to strengthen strands and prevent breakage. Those things are important, undeniably! But so often, scalp health is overlooked.

Given that your scalp is where each strand of hair originates, it really should receive more attention. Not to mention the fact that scalp health can actually be an indicator of overall wellness. So today, we’re going to talk all about it—let’s demystify scalp health!

The Scalp’s Role in Hair Growth

As a study by Antonella Tosi, MD, and James R. Schwartz, PhD, concludes, “A substantial body of evidence suggests that premature loss of hair also accompanies the studied unhealthy scalp conditions.”

Scalp conditions like fungus, psoriasis, and dandruff are known to cause hair loss. Meanwhile, improved circulation to the scalp is known to stimulate hair growth. Studies have shown that hair will grow faster and thicker when a protein promoting blood vessel growth is introduced.

It is clear that many aspects of scalp health influence hair health. Whether a condition is preventing new growth and causing loss, or a healthy scalp is restoring hair wellness, the scalp is key!

But how can you ensure your scalp is healthy?

Regimen for Scalp Health

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is our best advice for helping your scalp stay healthy.

Exfoliate properly. While you don’t want to be too aggressive with this step, exfoliating gently is important. By removing dead skin and debris, exfoliation improves the overall texture of your scalp while also allowing follicles to breath and release strands properly.

Always attend to moisture levels. Even if you think you’ve got a great routine down now, you might need to adjust when the seasons change or your hormones are shifting. There are many reasons a scalp can become dry even if it hasn’t been before or recently. When helping it stay hydrated, consider everything from supplements (like our SkinCapsule HYDRATE+) to the conditioner you’re using to the environment you’re in (hello, humidifier!).

Don’t wash too much. Washing hair often enough is important to prevent a build-up of products on your scalp. But washing too much can strip you of many good oils and cause dryness. The answer? Find the sweet spot! Experts tend to recommend washing every two to three days.

Eat for your hair. We know, that is a funny way to phrase it! But your diet really can impact hair and scalp health. Good fats and protein are especially important. (If you’re looking to supplement, PlantYourDay has all the good stuff).

Use the right products. Now if you ask us, this one deserves a whole new section ...

Scalp-Friendly Products

One of your best partners in achieving scalp health is going to be the products you use. Try to focus not only on the topical haircare formulas, but on internal supplementation, too. When combined, they can form a routine that proves powerful in fostering scalp health.

As we’ve already discussed, the most important things to look for in your products and supplements are ingredients that support gentle exfoliation, hydration, cellular restoration, and blood flow.

Enter, The Complete DeeplyRooted System.

Together, our shampoo, conditioner, serum, and supplement are equipped to provide everything your scalp needs to thrive. From KeraguardTM, which protects against environmental factors (yes, UV rays can harm your hair and scalp!), to CapixylTM, which encourages growth up to three times faster than usual, DeeplyRooted®’s ingredient line-up idealizes your haircare.

Using a brush that is effective at combing along the scalp but not too abrasive is also a way to support scalp health. And you guessed it, we’ve thoughtfully designed that, too!

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