how often should you shower
how often should you shower

Celebrities With Debatable Shower Routines

But how does bathing, or lack thereof for that matter, affect your skin? Thanks to some celebrities posting about their oh-so-weird bathing rituals, we had reason to dig into this topic. As you might assume, not bathing regularly can cause less than desirable effects both inside and outside of the body. So here's the down and dirty (pun intended) on what to expect when you skip a shower or few.


While acne has many causes, the most obvious seems to be going too long without bathing which allows oil, dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells to sit on the surface of the skin. All of that unwanted build-up on your skin leads to clogged pores, blackheads, and acne breakouts. We didn't think we'd ever have to say this but...that’s why it’s so important to bathe daily and take a healthy skin-balancing supplement like the SkinCapsule CLEAR+.

Fungal or Bacterial Infection

Acne isn’t the only consequence of poor hygiene. Not showering regularly is a welcomed invitation for bad bacterial and fungal infections. We hate to be the bearer of bad news (if this is even news), but bacteria lurks everywhere throughout the day—from your yoga mat to your keyboard. Taking a shower and with a focus on cleansing hard-to-reach areas like your nails can help keep serious infections and germs at bay.

Poor Sleep Quality 

Not taking the time to cleanse can leave you tossing and turning all night long. Taking a warm bath or shower before bedtime is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long, stressful day. Not only will bathing yourself help you relax but the drop in body temperature after a warm bath with a natural sleep supplement like MindYourMind can help you get some needed shut-eye.

So, how often should you be showering?

The answer depends on your lifestyle and your tolerance for being dirty. For many people—a.k.a those on team Kutcher—showering every two to three days seems to suffice. If you're on this side of the debate, just make sure to wash your face daily and incorporate an immune boosting supplement to ward of illness.

And if you are a part of the majority, who choose to shower daily, just keep an eye out for overly dry or irritated skin, this could be a sign of over-showering (or the wrong cleanser). 

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