Behind the Before & Afters of DeeplyRooted
Behind the Before & Afters of DeeplyRooted

Behind the Before & Afters of DeeplyRooted

When it comes to results, the proof is in the pictures. Before and after pics from real customers first revealed just how effective Hush & Hush’s Deeply Rooted supplement is for hair growth and the glowing reviews just keep coming!

So what makes DeeplyRooted such a hit for restoring healthy growth and creating fuller, softer, and smoother hair? A closer look reveals that the secret behind this supplement’s success is two incredible ingredient complexes, with the perfect formula for preventing thinning and boosting hair growth. Here’s the inside scoop: 

Two Superstar Complexes for Clinically-Proven Results

DeeplyRooted has two specially-developed proprietary ingredient blends: a Hair Growth Complex and Polypeptide Complex - both packed with vitamins, minerals, and other daily essentials for happy, healthy hair.

In a third-party clinical trials, DeeplyRooted improved overall hair growth in 91% of test subjects. It also increased hair volume, quality, thickness, and scalp coverage.

Working together, Hair Growth and Polypeptide complexes encourage hair growth and volume, block root causes of thinning and hair loss, and support overall scalp and hair health. A few key player ingredients include:

  • Ashwagandha - An adaptogenic herbal remedy for restoring body balance, ashwagandha can help stop hair loss caused by emotional and environmental stress.
  • Biotin - Biotin is a natural building block for keratin. When paired with other hair health supporting ingredients, biotin can help boost hair growth and repair.
  • Niacin - Oxygenating and nourishing for the hair follicles, niacin is sometimes used as a treatment for alopecia and has many potential applications for promoting hair growth.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Super hydrating and able to bind with 1000x its own molecular weight in moisture, hyaluronic acid can help strengthen hair and lock in much-needed hydration.

The full list of ingredients is on our website with linked clinical studies for each.

An Entourage of Essential Nutrients for Glowing Hair Health

Although ashwagandha, biotin, niacin, and hyaluronic acid might be household names for hair care, DeeplyRooted is actually supported by numerous other ingredients also credited with creating better hair. Vitamins A, B12, C, and D, amino acids, green tea leaf extract, horsetail, Rhodiola root, Korean ginseng, pumpkin seed oil, and zinc all play a role in this star-studded lineup.

The Reviews Are In: Trial Results & Customer Ratings

As if the Before & Afters weren’t enough to generate a buzz, Hush & Hush’s customer reviews and ratings are overwhelmingly positive. Buyers give DeeplyRooted five stars and rave that it keeps their hair feeling full, luxurious, healthy, and rejuvenated.

With so many fans and a growing collection of fabulous Before & Afters, it’s safe to say that DeeplyRooted is the real deal.

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