A Guide to Your Best Wedding Hair: For Brides, Grooms, and Guests
A Guide to Your Best Wedding Hair: For Brides, Grooms, and Guests

A Guide to Your Best Wedding Hair: For Brides, Grooms, and Guests

Wedding season is upon us! Whether you are about to be a bride, groom, or guest, that means you’re probably thinking over your hair health and styling plans. For brides, happy hair can support the wedding day look of their dreams. But grooms want to look their best too! And hey, guests love a reason to engage in a little self-care and have some fun with their hairdo as they get ready to celebrate the happy couple. So, we’re talking about all things wedding hair … let’s help you achieve your best hair for a day of best wishes! 

Start With the Basics: Nutrition

We’re going to begin by talking about the foundation, as we see it. We always say beauty starts on the inside, and it’s true for your hair too! Nutrition plays a crucial role in hair health, so ingesting the proper vitamins and minerals is key. 

We have previously shared food lists for hair health, but of course supplementation is a great partner in this pursuit! Our DeeplyRooted formulation is specifically designed to combat thinning and promote your healthiest locks ever, with clinically studied vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. Learn more about the DeeplyRooted supplement here

Establish a Hair Care Routine

Next up, you should consider topical options! If you’re using a shampoo and conditioner full of stripping ingredients that aren’t doing your hair any favors, now is the time to switch things up! Also, get serious about the routine of it all. Think about a cadence that enables you to wash at the right times and treat your hair to something special, too. 

Cleansing and Conditioning

Remember that you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day. Experts tend to agree you should do this every two to three days. But when you do, you also want to make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use are working for you. Let’s circle back to DeeplyRooted, because it isn’t just a supplement. We’ve also formulated a shampoo and conditioner that are uniquely designed to support hair growth and strength. Made to gently exfoliate and intensely hydrate, respectively, they each do their job to bring you a nourishing, deep clean every time. No stripping of healthy oils, drying, or breaking here! 

Weekly Treatments 

Once you’ve got a wash cadence and routine down, consider less frequent treatments that might help your scalp and locks. After all, you’re going for the best wedding hair possible—it’s worth a little extra oomph! 

There are tons of serums and hair masks that can be used once a week or so to infuse your hair with some extra goodness. We have to recommend our DeeplyRooted serum, which was crafted with the scalp in mind (we are passionate about scalp health’s impact on luscious locks!). This leave-in product rejuvenates and supports reduced shedding and thicker strands. 

Our favorite idea: make a weekly treatment part of a Thursday-night everything shower and spa date with yourself! That way, you’ll be in top glow for the weekend. 

Style Without Damage

Whenever you are seeking improved hair health, one unfortunate truth should be considered: styling with heat isn’t great for your hair. As you strive for wedding hair that wows, take stock of these tips: 

  • Use heat protectant before applying hot tools. 
  • Choose the right hot tools, like ceramic designs, which distribute heat more evenly. 

Plan Ahead for Hair Trials—and Be Thorough 

If you are a bride or groom who will undergo a wedding hair trial before the big day, you’ll be planning out the style you want to test. That said, people sometimes forget that it should also be a test of your product routine. Set your hair care routine—shampoo, conditioner, serums … everything—in stone before your trial. If you change products between the trial and the big day, your hair might not behave the same. In the same vein, you want to take note of all the styling products your stylist uses during the trial. They will likely jot this down too, but knowing it yourself can never hurt, just in case! 

Pack Day-Of Essentials

First, we just want to say: this is a great task to hand off to a bridesmaid and/or groomsman! It’s relatively simple and takes one thing to remember off the bride’s and/or groom’s plate. Here is our list of hair care essentials you might want to have on hand for your wedding hair: 

Hairspray and/or gel (bonus if you note the product used during your trial and purchase the same one for touch-ups!)

Bobby pins



Curling iron

Flat iron

Smoothing cream

Show Your Hair Some Post-Celebration Love

No matter how well you care for your hair leading up to the big day, wedding hairstyles are a little rough on it. Between using way more products than you probably do day to day and all of the teasing, pulling, pinning … it’s a lot. 

So, how about giving your hair some TLC after the wedding?! We recommend taking a break from all styling tools, using only your trusted everyday products, and letting those locks breathe at rest for a week or two. 

After all, what goes better with a fabulous honeymoon than some low-maintenance, relaxed hair? 

Wedding Hair Style Inspo

Before we go, we do want to remind you that we collabed with Abigail Heringer just a few months ago as she preps for her own big day! Back in December, she shared how she’s been using DeeplyRooted to get her hair healthy for the wedding. Her nuptials to Noah Erb are happening sometime this year—congratulations, you two!

For wedding hair growth tips and her style ideas, check out our blog post and Abigail’s Reel on the topic.  

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