collagen, lemondade, refreshing drink, vegan collagen, vegetarian collagen
collagen, lemondade, refreshing drink, vegan collagen, vegetarian collagen

8 Skincare Tips to Consider for Your Springtime Reset

You often hear about spring cleaning in reference to giving one’s home a detailed reset, but we think this can apply to your skincare too. What better time to revisit your goals for your skin and discover new ways of making them happen than spring, a season of renewal and delight? Combine that with the return of warmer weather, which is sure to result in some shifts—if slight—in your skin’s level of moisture, sensitivity and more. Yes, spring is a perfect time to give your routine a reset! Let’s talk skincare tips. 

1. Explore LED Therapies

We thought we’d start off with one of the priciest of our skincare tips today … sorry! But while LED therapy masks are inarguably quite the investment, they also provide some serious results. From soothing inflammation with blue light to combating wrinkles with red light, these tools can pack a punch. They do also range widely in price, from a few hundred to thousands, so it’s worth shopping around. 

2. Don’t Count Gua Sha Out

If you are a gua sha devotee, you probably read that subhead and thought, “Who is counting it out?!” We only say that because this was majorly trending on social media a little while ago. Anything that gets that kind of TikTok hype is bound to be forgotten as a quick bit of bandwagon fun by a few of us. But we encourage you to revisit this habit as part of your springtime skincare reset. Shown to improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and provide stress relief, among other benefits, gua sha is worth your time. The best part: this might be the cheapest of our skincare tips! Most gua sha tools are indeed made the same. If you hadn’t gotten on this train when it was trending, it will cost you a mere few dollars at Target, Ulta, and the like.  

3. Grab Yourself a Foreo

Do you hate that moment when it’s time to take your makeup off? Or perhaps you love removal time, but never feel like it’s really all coming off? Foreo will be your new bestie. This powerful (yet not too expensive) tool uses sonic cleansing technology to lift impurities from pores without aggressively pulling at the skin. Anyone who has ever used one will comment on how incredibly baby soft the skin feels after. As skincare tips go, this is a must. You need a Foreo

4. Focus on Nutrition

Okay, we know talking about all the innovative tools is probably a little more fun, but truly, nutrition makes such a difference in your skin. If a clear, radiant, hydrated complexion is important to you, maybe a grocery cart overhaul could be a part of your springtime reset? In fact, throw in a full fridge clean and restock, and you’ve got some spring cleaning covered too! Win, win. Anyway, what should you eat for healthy skin? Fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, and greens all tend to top the list. 

5. Get Smart with Supplements 

While proper nutrition is at the core of giving your body what it needs for healthy skin, supplements are important too! For a variety of reasons, which we recently covered in another blog post, most of us aren’t getting all the nutrients we need from food alone. That is why supplementing can be such an effective approach to wellness—including for your skin. Here are our best recommendations to supplement for skincare:

SkinCapsule HYDRATE+, BRIGHTEN+, and CLEAR+. These powerful formulations bring ample benefit to your skin via the ingredients they deliver. Consider which need you want to prioritize, and give it a try. If our reviews are any indication, you won’t regret it! 

Collagen+. It’s no secret that collagen is popular among skincare tips for anti-aging. While the hype is there, it’s real too! Our Collagen+ powder is proven to promote skin strength, elasticity, cohesion, and firmness. Not to mention, it has plenty of other incredible benefits, like boosting muscle mass and preventing bone loss. Plus, while most collagen powders on the market are mere peptides, ours is a fully vegetarian actual collagen. It even has all nine amino acids, whereas bovine and marine collagens are missing one. If you are looking to take one quick, easy—and delicious—go-to off this list, we think Collagen+ should be it.

6. Drink Plenty of Water 

Do some celebrities act like their beautiful skin is only due to drinking water? Sure. Does that mean that drinking water doesn’t play a role in healthy skin? Absolutely not! We know how annoying it can be when you love a public figure’s look and they chalk it up to something as simple as drinking enough water. That said, it really is a good staple of skincare tips. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your skincare goals, maybe start here. Buy yourself a cute motivational water bottle and hop to it! Bunny references for spring? Groundbreaking! We couldn’t help ourselves. 

7. Look Into Lasers 

You might think that laser treatments for your skin are reserved for the esthetician’s office, but they don’t have to be. Tools like the LYMA Laser offer the ability to encourage cellular repair and regeneration. This particular laser is also FDA-approved, which instills a lot of confidence in its safety and capability. 

8. Consider Going Clinical with Your Skincare

Truly, we love jumping on a skincare trend as much as the next person. But here is a bit of tough love for you: if you are struggling with your skin, it’s probably best to stick with the clinically proven products. Of course, we immediately think of our sister brand, Image Skincare. But there are plenty of companies taking a responsible, derm-approved approach to skincare. Since we mentioned Image, allow us to share our must-have of the moment: Biome+. This collection of microbiome-friendly skincare powers a healthy skin barrier, which could be considered the foundation of everything skincare. It’s a game changer! 

Take each of these skincare tips into consideration, and we think you’ll be overjoyed with your skin this spring. If you do find yourself feeling this way and want to take a selfie, tag us on social media so we can celebrate with you! 

Happy Spring Skincare-ing! 

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