woman drinking from water bottle after workout
woman drinking from water bottle after workout

5 Ways to Stay Hydrated During the Holidays

As challenges to the goal of staying hydrated go, wintertime offers up a perfect storm. First of all, the season brings drier weather. Depending on where you live, this can be more or less of a problem. But no matter how intensely the seasons change where you are, even slightly drier air can call for more hydration! If you are in an area where it gets cold enough that you have to run heat indoors, this will dry you out, too. Meanwhile, for many of us, the wintertime also involves the holidays. An influx of gatherings to enjoy time with family and friends is exciting. But the delectable dishes we often dig into have excess salt and sugar—not to mention there is the potential to drink more alcohol than usual. It all makes for a veritable cocktail (pun intended) of dehydration. So, what to do about it? Well, here are five ways to stay hydrated during the holidays.

1. Learn More About Your Personal Hydration Needs

While doctors have some good general guidelines, everyone’s ideal water intake is unique. Medical conditions, weight, activity levels, hormonal phases (pregnancy, lactation), and more can play a role in the amount of water you should drink each day. 

You have probably heard the old adage that you should drink precisely eight cups of water a day. But this is quite outdated. In fact, it comes from a 1945 recommendation by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council. What we now know is that the ideal water intake is dependent on many factors. Eight cups may still be a good place to start, but you could be shorting yourself if you don’t consider your individual circumstances. 

We think this no-frills calculator from GIGA Calculator is a simple-to-use helper. 

Understanding the baseline from which you should start is key.

2. Make it Fun to Stay Hydrated During the Holidays

Once you have an idea of how hydrated you need to keep yourself generally, you’ll want to make that goal a part of your routines. One way to do this is to make it fun! Luckily for all of us in 2022, water bottles and cups have spent several years now being the subject of trends. Maybe you love the sleek feel and branded designs of a Corkcicle cup. Or, perhaps the high-function handle of that TikTok-viral Stanley tumbler is your jam. Either way, there are plenty of thoughtfully designed water vessels to help you stay hydrated during the holidays. Invest in one to make carrying your water around all day a little chicer and more comfortable. 

3. Boost Your Hydration via Nutrition 

Water is obviously essential to proper hydration. However, it isn’t the only secret from nature. 

Many fresh foods, like watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe, could be unsung heroes to help you stay hydrated during the holidays. In fact, all three of those fruits have a water content above 90%

4. Be Smart with Supplements 

You can also improve hydration by including a supplement into your routine. To stay hydrated during the holidays, this is key. You might not be able to sneak enough of those good foods in between ham dinners and sugar cookies. (And you should be able to enjoy those things!) The solution is to supplement. 

Although it was designed specifically with skin hydration in mind, our SkinCapsule™ HYDRATE+ is sure to provide some overall hydration in the process of giving you supple skin. 

A good protein powder may also be a game changer. While excessive protein can actually dehydrate, a reasonable amount can help to reduce sodium levels. After you’ve enjoyed a big celebratory dinner, this is essential! Our PlantYourDay® can be the restorative boost you need the next morning.

5. Think Like You’re Worried About Hangovers

Speaking of the next morning, you want to avoid any hangovers! But you also want to use this as a guideline for how to think about hydration during the holidays. 

When you’ve had a night of drinking, you might pop a pain reliever, drink a glass of water, eat a midnight carb, and prepare to snooze. But in the mission to stay hydrated during the holidays, this sort of thinking can be a rule of thumb whether or not you’ve been drinking. 

Each night, prep for bed like a champ. Here are our tips:

  • Drink the glass (or two) of water.
  • Attend to your skincare routine.
  • Take your supplements if you haven’t already. 
  • Turn a humidifier on overnight (recommendations for a good one here).
  • Eat a hydrating snack if you’re hungry.  

When you are mindful about it, it can be intuitive to stay hydrated during the holidays. But it is also easy to get caught up in the busy bustle and excitement. Give yourself grace if you don’t achieve perfect hydration every day. 

Happy Hydrating and Happy Holidays, from the Hush & Hush team!

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