5 Hairstyles for the Romance Gals
5 Hairstyles for the Romance Gals

5 Hairstyles for the Romance Gals

We recently shared a blog post all about the Valentine’s Day trends we think you should try, and it inspired us! In particular, our list of romantic hairstyles was much longer than what we included there, so we decided to go for a bit of a “chapter two,” if you will. If you’re one of the romance gals—someone who just loves love and embraces all things soft and girly—this list is going to inspire you, too. Keep reading to discover five romantic hairstyles to brighten your February. 

Braided Crowns

Our favorite thing about this one is that it can be accomplished with so many hair lengths and types. Whether you’ve got long, curly locks or wispy strands in a shorter edgy cut, a braided crown is sure to add an element of loveliness to your look. If you prefer to keep your hair down, a half-up, half-down style, with the half-up part being a braided crown, is beautiful. Alternatively, if you live for a good updo, the braided crown is a perfect opportunity. Another bonus of this hairstyle is that it feels a little more earthy and casual than some other fancy designs, so it’s perfect for the romantic who wants something fresh for their everyday routine. 

Messy Bun

We’re going to stick with the updo gals for a moment, because this style must be shared. Now you might be thinking that a messy bun feels far from romantic (but hey, let’s not put her down because she gets many of us through the chaos of life!). The thing is, the bridal industry has perfected the art of messy buns that exude elegance. They look effortless, but in an undeniably chic way. If you’re up for a styling challenge, this is one of the romantic hairstyles it pays to study up on. You can find plenty of tutorials, but to narrow down the exact type of romantic messy bun you’d like to achieve, we recommend Brides magazine’s 30 Perfectly Imperfect Messy Bun Wedding Hairstyles. It’s a great scroll! 

Accessorized Styles

We decided to plop this one in the middle of our list because it can be used in so many of these styles—or your natural hair. Adding a feminine-feeling accessory can give the romantic an instant boost. From flower crowns to a series of pins that give the illusion of pearls resting throughout your hair to the bows trending as of late, this is a go-to for romantic hairstyles. 

If you’re looking to make a few purchases, Anthropologie never disappoints. 

Bouncy Curls, Low Pony

If you haven’t heard, Gen Z claims the low pony is back in and here to stay. Now, imagine running through a field in a gorgeous, billowing gown … it’s a romantic scene for sure, and a low, voluminous curled pony fits the bill. We can see it now, bouncing playfully as you turn to glance back at your love. For the low-maintenance gals who love a feminine touch, this one is a winner! 

Volume Galore

Of course, we can’t close out a post about romantic hairstyles without mentioning the old-school favorite: hair that is down, but bursting with volume. There is just something about a super voluminous look that feels sexy, and that has made it a romantic hairstyles staple for decades. From hot rollers to keeping your hair as healthy as possible (hint, hint: DeeplyRooted would be a great first step!), there are plenty of short and long-term ways to make this happen. If you adore volume, take care of your hair and prioritize the right styling techniques. 

No matter which of these romantic hairstyles speaks to you, we hope it turns out perfect! There is no better time to try out some lovely new looks than the month of Valentine’s Day, if you ask us. 

Use the hashtag #LoveIsInTheHair on social media to show us your beautiful locks in a romantic style. 

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