DeeplyRooted for Curly Hair Queens
DeeplyRooted for Curly Hair Queens

5 Curly Hair Queens to Follow for Inspo

The act of nourishing naturally curly hair is an art form. In fact, many communities revere the care and keeping of their hair as a core part of culture. Sharing know-how and a passion for the beauty of healthy tresses, generations connect over the moments they spend styling and enriching their locks together. 

For a look into this history as it relates to the Black community, we love Jocelyn Caraballo’s article on titled History of Natural Hair and How it Reflects Black History. She also mentions a video from Buzzfeed’s As/Is, which we can’t recommend enough for its educational and influential insights. 

Today, in an effort to honor this history, we would like to celebrate the act of embracing one’s naturally curly hair. How better to do that than to turn to the “curly hair queens,” as the internet has taken to calling them. Here, in no particular order, are a few of our favorite curly-haired creators to follow for tips, tricks, and inspiration. 

#1 Muneera Page 

Get ready to coo over this mama’s absolutely precious mini queens—her three girls are adorable! But another star of the show is the Houston-based designer and entrepreneur’s gorgeous hair. Check out the highlight titled “Hair” on her Instagram for fun and informative content surrounding both her tresses and that of her daughters. 


#2 Kaylani Quiocho

This lifestyle content creator and mama is the definition of #hairgoals. Her locks are stunning, and she is the queen of curly hair advice! Check out her YouTube channel for videos on the subject. Plus, be sure to take a look at her other fun vlogs!  


#3 Dayna Bolden

To be honest, we don’t even know where to start in describing this powerhouse of a woman’s work and online presence. She’s the CEO of her fitness company Define Bold, a mom, a believer in big dreams … and a curly hair queen! Give her an Instagram follow for so much inspiration—hair, career, family, fashion, fitness, and more. 


#4 Eunice Asiedu

If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to natural hair styles, look no further than this beautiful UK-based creator! She also talks makeup, lifestyle, hair health, and more. And trust us, her head of curly hair will have you envious! 


#5 Elena Gergis

This writer and content producer shares, as she puts it, “her journey through marriage, motherhood and entrepreneurship.” But as her social media username, @curlsnpearlsss, would suggest, a lot of curly hair talk is woven in along the way! We love her dynamic, fun-to-explore blog—check it out! 


For Our Curly Hair Readers

One topic all of these curly hair creators touch on is what products they use to care for their haircare routine. You can find fantastic recommendations on their platforms, of course. But we would also like to throw our own favorites into the mix. 

Our DeeplyRooted system was formulated with all hair types in mind, and its clinically studied ability to assist in hair growth, revitalization, and moisturization could be a curly hair game changer. Pro tip we’ve learned from following these five curly hair queens: hydration is key to protecting and supporting those natural curls! 

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