Summer Essentials for Travel: Your Beauty and Wellness Packing List

Summer Essentials for Travel: Your Beauty and Wellness Packing List

Whether you’re on a relaxing vacay or once-in-a-lifetime adventure, these are musts!

Ah, summer is here! While there are a great many things to love about the season—sunshine, pool and beach days, fun warm-weather outfits—we think you could make the argument that travel is the best of them. Whether because you’re waiting for the kids to be out of school or it just feels like the right moment, summer tends to be the most popular time for those long-awaited excursions. But before you can jump on that plane to paradise, you’ll need to get packing! Here’s our list of summer essentials for travel.

  • Makeup Remover 1

    We know you’ll likely be bringing your makeup products along, but don’t forget to bring makeup remover as well. This always-important item is chief among summer essentials for travel, because extra dirt and environmental pollutants will be hitting your skin. Not to mention that dry plane air…

    Our advice? Don’t only rely on your usual cleanser. (And please, put the makeup wipes down!!) Instead, we recommend double cleansing. If you currently use a gel or foaming cleanser, pick up a cleaning balm to take your makeup off before you go in with that usual favorite. Elemis London’s Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm has a cult following for a reason—and they offer a 20g size that is made for your travel bag.

  • Sunscreen 2

    It might not be first on this list, but sunscreen is the most important thing you’ll pack after your passport. As summer essentials for travel go, it can hardly be beat. This applies even if your destination is an overcast one. You might not see the sun, but it can likely still see you!

    We doubt this is news to you, but there is a sunscreen brand standing out amongst the rest these days. Yep, we’re talking Supergoop! They even have a fun travel-centric section on their website to help you curate the ideal on-the-go set.

  • Lip Care 3

    Is it the dry plane air? The shift in sleep patterns? Or maybe the rough hotel pillow? Whatever the reason, something about travel makes our lips extra chapped. You might have a lip care routine down, but consider upping your game while on your trip (and before you leave!).

    Image Skincare’s beloved ORMEDIC lip enhancement complex makes for the best travel-friendly partner in crime. Keep this holy grail in your carry on!

  • A Multitasking Accessory 4

    When space is limited, you need items that do more than one job! Enter, our DeeplyRooted® Silk Scarf. Tie your ponytail with it, braid it into your hair, or make it a headband. Or, turn it into a different type of accessory, around the wrist or as a necktie.

    In a pinch, you could even use it to tie two purse handles together. That way, your belongings won’t scatter on the airport floor as you sprint to your gate. And since our head scarf is made of silk, you can even sleep in it. A win as summer essentials for travel go!

  • Dry Shampoo and a Great Brush 5

    Who has time to carefully maintain every aspect of their hair care routine when there are mountains to climb and chic brunch spots to dine? Sure, depending on the length of your trip, the whole regimen will still be in play. But having a good dry shampoo and a great brush could help you extend past your usual washing day. Sometimes, the happenings are too fun to interrupt for hair care!

    Our DeeplyRooted® Hair Brush is designed to promote healthy hair by detangling gently (no breakage here!) and exfoliating the scalp. Use it at home and on the go! And how do you choose the right dry shampoo? Aly Walansky over at StyleCaster has some insights.

  • A Summer Scent 6

    Maybe you already do cycle through your scents to align with the seasons, but we adore this idea and just have to mention it. Whether for the entire summertime or one trip you’re excited for, selecting a new scent will add an element of sensory memory to your experiences.

    It’s a beautiful way to bring vacay vibes back to life summer after summer.

  • The Bag for it All 7

    What would a post about summer essentials for travel be if we didn’t talk about what you’re going to put it all in? Don’t overlook your need for a designated bag to carry all of your beauty and wellness goodies.

    Our Hush & Hush Beauty Bag might just be the perfect fit. It has ample room for plenty of items and its classic black look will coordinate with nearly any other bag.

    Speaking of that, we think you should treat yourself to a new luggage set for your travels!

Now, it’s time for you to go shopping … after all, part of the fun of travel is picking up all of the cute little bitty-sized goodies!