Stay Healthy Tips from Hush & Hush

Stay Healthy Tips from Hush & Hush

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, some of the best ways you can stay healthy and help limit the spread of the virus are by practicing simple, routine habits.

Besides the obvious precautions we have all been told to follow, like frequent handwashing, avoiding touching your face, self-quarantining if you feel the slightest bit under the weather, sneezing and coughing into your arm, and avoiding large social gatherings, there are plenty of wellness-related tips to follow that can help keep you calm and safe.

Here are our recommendations to help boost your immunity and keep you somewhat protected during these difficult times.

  • Sleep well. 1

    Research shows that when you’re well-rested, your body is better equipped to fight off viruses.

  • Try and limit and stress. 2

    Raging stress levels offer zero benefits. When stress is high, it can cause cortisol spikes and weaken your immune system. Try and meditate and practice mindfulness to keep a clear head.

  • Eat well. 3

    The body always needs to be fed with clean, wholesome foods, and right now is no different. While it’s easy to reach for processed and junk foods over nutritious fruits and vegetables, try and resist the urge.

  • Wash your hands but keep them hydrated. 4

    Constantly washing your hands and loading them up with alcohol-based sanitizers may be key in keeping the virus at bay, but they can do a number on your skin, causing dryness, irritation, and dermatitis. Make sure that your hands are free of cracks by fully rinsing hands clean, and when possible, opting for aloe-based sanitizers when possible. And, apply an unscented hand cream once your hands are fully dry.