The Ultimate Routine to Reduce Hair Breakage: Our Top 5 Tips

The Ultimate Routine to Reduce Hair Breakage: Our Top 5 Tips

Let’s say goodbye to frizz and frustration!


Maybe your best styling is ruined by those pesky flyaways, or perhaps split ends have you tempted to keep that mane tucked into braids and top knots. Whichever your woes, waning hair health is one of the most frustrating beauty challenges. But here’s the good news: there are a few ways to reduce hair breakage in the long run. Follow these five hair care tips and you’ll be back to luscious locks in what feels like no time.



  • Inspire Healthy Hair from the Inside Out 1

    Nutrition might not be the first thing you think of when you consider how to improve hair health. But consuming the right foods and supplements can be a game-changer. Most of us have gone through a hair gummy phase by now. But consider the power of a well-formulated vitamin (like our DeeplyRooted supplement) and the addition of some hair-friendly foods into your diet.

    Here are some of the delectable delights most revered by hair growth experts:

    ● The good fats. Look, we know the word “fat” gives us all the ick sometimes. But healthy fats are actually so necessary for body, mind—and hair! Nuts, avocados, and salmon should all be on your grocery list.
    ● Seeds. Most particularly, chia and pumpkin have unique benefits that make them hair heroes. Zinc, which has been linked to lessening hair loss, is found in high volumes in pumpkin seeds. Chia seeds, too, have zinc, along with healthy fat and protein! Don’t like snacking as the birds do? Sprinkle these into smoothies, oatmeal, or acai bowls.
    ● Bone broth. You’ve probably been told to pick this up before. It has been the latest craze for a while! But why is it holding on to its 15 minutes? With respect to hair health, it’s all about the collagen. It will strengthen and protect connective tissues.

  • Reduce Hair Breakage with the Ideal Scrunchie 2

    Yes, we said scrunchie! They aren’t all 80s vibes anymore. The scrunchie is back, and your hair will thank you for embracing this returning trend. Ditch hair ties with seams that will catch, pull, and rip strands when removed.

    Scrunchies are a key ingredient in hair health because they can keep hair in place without taking a strand or two along for the ride every time they’re taken out. Kitsch has a super fun selection of scrunchies to explore.

  • Don’t Choose Shampoo and Conditioner on a Whim 3

    We’ve all done it. You’re browsing Target’s shelves or Sephora’s website (we hope you snagged some great finds in the most recent sale like we did!) and a beautiful bottle catches your eye. You know you should do a little research, but it looks like it must be a good product and smells divine. Sometimes, this works out for the best. It might be the way you serendipitously find your holy grail hair duo.

    But the truth is, there are a lot of misguided formulas on the market. There are tons of great ones too, but packaging and scent aren’t always reliable ways to find them. This is the time to do your research diligently!

    We’d humbly love to recommend our DeeplyRooted® Shampoo and Conditioner, which together provide exfoliation and nourishment to soothe and strengthen your locks. With our patented plant-based ingredients, like CAPISOOTHE, KeraGuard™️, HAIRGENYL®, and more, this color-safe, cruelty-free, vegan, and clinically studied match made in heaven was created with efficacy and performance in mind.

    As we like to say, DeeplyRooted is where hair and confidence bloom.

  • Silk is Everything in the Mission to Reduce Hair Breakage 4

    It might seem like a fun little luxury (and it totally is and why not enjoy it?!). But using a silk pillowcase holds more significance than you’d expect. Not only will it limit friction when you toss and turn. It also absorbs less moisture, allowing your locks to keep their hard-fought nourishment.

    Bonus: Sleeping on silk is also good for the face! Especially for those who live in climates where winter can be rough on the skin, a silk pillowcase can be a must for retaining moisture. We love the original Slip brand for their variety of sizes and colors.

  • The Brush You Use Matters 5

    We know you probably have that one set of bristles that has been with you for years (maybe decades). Or, your brush collection seems to grow every time you go shopping. To reduce hair breakage, you should be more selective. Not all brushes are created equal!

    Ideally, you want to find one that is designed to detangle without breaking strands off. It should also exfoliate the scalp, lifting product buildup away to increase shine and distribute the benefits of the product to the entirety of each strand. We’re totally biased of course, but our DeeplyRooted Hair Brush was made to do all of the above. (It also has a lovely botanical design!)

In combination, these five essential tips can majorly reduce hair breakage. You’ll go from frizzy and frustrated to waves of lush locks in what feels like a blink! We’ll leave you to overhaul your routine now…