Pro Hair Tips

Pro Hair Tips

We’ve asked the experts.

To wrap up Hair Loss Awareness month, we’ve reached out to our partners at Lotus Hair Salon to answer all your questions concerning hair loss and hair care! See below what their amazing team of stylists has to say…

  • Have your stylists noticed any improvement in your client’s hair health after using DeeplyRooted? 1

    Yes! Clients who use DeeplyRooted have all mentioned a difference in overall density, texture, and a noticeable improvement with less fall out; less fall out when brushing or washing the hair was something that every single stylist as well as the assistants who shampoo noted.

  • What is your best hair advice for overall hair care? 2

    Always maintaining regular haircuts makes a huge difference, as well as using leave-in conditioner/protectants, and the daily use of our favorite DeeplyRooted Hair Serum. While using these small yet essential products, you will be able to achieve overall healthy beautiful hair.

  • What is the biggest concern you see regarding your client’s hair/scalp health? 3

    Definitely, the main concern we see a lot is hair loss. It can happen at any age and due to so many different factors; popular reasons include, stress, over or under production of hormones, and now more commonly we are hearing hair loss to due Covid-19.

  • What is the biggest concern your clients complain of? 4

    In this Florida heat and humidity, frizz is the #1 concern of every hair type! Thin, thick, straight or curly, the frizz holds back on no one!

  • How often should you be washing your hair? 5

    Depending on your hair type, we really wouldn’t recommend any more than 3-5 times a week. In most cases you would just be stripping the hair of its natural oils. If having a dry scalp is a concern, there are scalp exfoliating shampoos that could soothe any discomfort. And last, make sure your shampoos, conditioners have quality ingredients! Ingredients really do matter.

  • Being located in Florida, what recommendations do you have to keep your hair hydrated? 6

    Treating yourself to a hair masque once a week can do wonders. Make sure you avoid using hot water on the hair as well, many are surprised to find out how that can affect the dryness of your hair. And also stopping by your local salon to get a customized hydrating treatment at the sink, it takes 5 minutes and getting one every month has shown great improvements with shine and feel!

  • Does coloring cause damage to your hair? 7

    In a perfect world, we would love to give a flat “no”. However, to get some of these desired looks, most chemicals in the color/lighteners used, can cause dryness. This is why your at-home hair care routine is vital.

  • How does lifestyle affect your hair? 8

    Different elements can affect the hair; prolonged exposure to the sun can oxidize and make the hair more fragile, so if you are a runner, or enjoy the outdoors at any capacity, a UV protectant is a must! Swimmers as well tend to have mineral and metal build-up in the hair, which we suggest in salon treatments for. Eating foods high in vitamin E and omegas as well as “the good fats” found in avocados helps maintain a healthy scalp and luscious hair! As far as sleep, a nice 8 hours is great for more reasons than hair alone! But a satin pillowcase will make you feel pampered and keep your hair soft! Also, try never to sleep in a tight pony tail or bun.

  • How does your hair change as you age, and how should we be adapting to these changes? 9

    Over the years we’ve noticed different issues such as, thinning hair, slower growth, and less shine to mention a few. At the first sign of any of these, it’s important to start care right away. We find that the best way to adapt is starting to take supplements such as Deeply Rooted as well as using their entire system. It may seem like “a lot to do” but when we talk about hair health, it really starts from the inside out!

  • What styling tools are best for healthy hair? 10

    We are so lucky to be living in a time where there are endless styling tool options! We would suggest the pre-styling “ritual” is the most important. So using a proper detangling brush, a heat protector that can withstand up to 450 degrees, and always using heat tools with ceramic plates. Some of our favorites are Dyson for blow drying and the Babyliss line of styling wands!

  • Your personal favorite hair care routine. 11

    Hair care routines are so specific to each person, I would recommend having an in-salon consultation to find out your hair type and needs and from there the hair product world is your oyster! Starting each day with our DeeplyRooted supplements ensures we’re starting the day off right! Once a month using a clarifying shampoo can help with the build-up of everyday life, and implementing masques once a week is a game changer! A secret that we love here at Lotus, is a great finishing serum at the end of styling to really keep that protection and shine!