Is your beauty regimen ready for summer vacay?

Is your beauty regimen ready for summer vacay?

Here’s four ways to take your routine on the road.

WWith the summer days starting to roll in, more and more of us are itching to get out, whether to a Fourth of July BBQ, a trip to the shore or a two-week vacation to Cabo. As much as spending time outdoors in the sunshine can be beneficial for our mental and physical health, it’s still important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that our skin stays healthy, hydrated and youthful.

  • Prioritize sun safety 1

    With any solid summer skincare routine, sun protection should be at the forefront. Unprotected sun exposure has long been linked to early signs of aging, sunspots and skin sagging. At its worst, it can lead to a skin cancer diagnosis. Dermatologists recommend that everyone should wear an SPF lotion of at least 30 for their face and body. SPF 30 has been proven to protect you against 97% of harmful UVB rays, with SPF 50 protecting over 98%. For face protection, a mineral sunscreen like Image Skincare Prevention+ SPF 50 is an ideal choice, especially for those with sensitive skin, and can be easily worn underneath or above makeup.

  • Hydrate your body and skin 2

    As we enter a warmer climate, our body loses a significant amount of moisture. Dehydration can lead to drier skin and it also affects our natural oil and sebum production. Without enough water in the body, we feel tired, light-headed and our skin tends to look more dull and lose its elasticity overtime. Drinking plenty of water is vital during the summer months, not only for the sake of our wellness but also for our skincare. To help to maintain hydration and boost natural oil and sebum production, use topical creams and serums as well as beauty supplements that hydrate from the inside out, including our SkinCapsule HYDRATE+ vitamins.

  • Switch to lightweight and gentle products 3

    During winter, when the weather is harsh and temperatures and humidity levels have dropped, we’re more inclined to use heavier skincare products and makeup to protect our skin from the climate. During summer, especially for those with oily skin, heat and sweat can clog up pores, which can lead to breakouts and excess oil. To avoid this, heavier products should be replaced with lightweight alternatives. For those prone to breakouts, switching to oil-free moisturizers, like Tula’s Moisturizing Gel Cream and foaming cleansers, such as the Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser from Caudalie can help to reduce oil production and prevent acne breakouts.

  • Use Vitamin C serums to prevent hyperpigmentation 4

    Sun exposure can darken your skin pigmentation and increase flare ups, if the necessary precautions are not taken. Adding a Vitamin C serum, like Image Skincare Vital C Serum, to your summer skincare routine can help prevent hyperpigmentation and also boost collagen production, which can reduce acne scarring and redness in your complexion.