Is a lack of sleep sabotaging your body?

SSleep. It’s the ultimate restorer, and, of course, crucial for our bodies to function optimally. Yet, about 35 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep, let alone good quality sleep. The reason: Too many of us can’t relax after the end of a long day or get in the right head space to fall into the proper sleep cycles, including delta sleep, the regenerative portion of nightly rest.

A lack of sleep can not only lead to the obvious, like grogginess and a sluggish feeling come morning, but it can also increase the risk of health problems including heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

Don’t want to go one more night without a good night’s rest? We don’t blame you. That’s why we always make sure to keep these sleep essentials on hand.

1. Hush & Hush MindYourMind ($65),
Yes, one (or two) pill can make a huge difference in how you sleep. Count this luxury nutraceutical as the end-all-be-all. Completely void of melatonin and artificial ingredients, this all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, de-stressing and calming product helps set the stage for a restful night’s sleep.

2. Insight Timer App, $9.99 per month,
Deemed on of the best apps of the year by Time magazine and Women’s Health, this meditation app blends the insight of the world’s leading mindfulness, meditation and psychologist experts to bring you endless ways to calm the mind, reduces stress and improve the quality of your sleep.

3. The Woodhouse Spa Deep Sleep Massage, $135,
This 80-minute sleep-inducing massage is a must for the shut eye deprived. It starts with a deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulder and back massage with warm aromatherapy oils to calm the mind. Once you’re blissed out, the massage continues with a tea ritual while relaxing on a heated herbal compress to help you further decompress.

4. Baloo Weighted Blanket, $169,
The idea behind weighted blankets is that they help instill a state of calmness since they are filled with pellets or beads that add bulk and weight for added pressure. Fans of weighted blankets often find the pressure to be relaxing against the body, which makes for a more comfortable, restful sleep.

5. slip for beauty sleep ‘Slipsilk’ Pure Silk Sleep Mask, $50,
The darker your room, the better you’ll sleep since a dim space is known to incite healthy sleep. We like slipping this 100-percent pure silk mask over our eyes before drifting off to dreamland.

6. Hope Gillerman Natural Rest Sleep Remedy, $48,

Roll or dab this lightly sweet, herbal-scented oil on your wrists and neck to help fall asleep. Organic essential oils like lavender vera, blood orange and clary sage acts almost like a nightcap to help you fall asleep.