7 Ways to Engage in Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

7 Ways to Engage in Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

What better time to treat you to a little something special?

In the month of candy hearts and teddy bears, one can tend to think about the romantic partner in one’s life. But if you ask us, there is someone else who deserves the attention: you. In the midst of our busy lives and especially after the chaos of the holidays and the bustle of new year goals, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to extend a bit of extra care to yourself. And we’ve got a few ideas on how to do it … here are our seven ways to engage in self-love this Valentine’s Day.

  • Book a Weekend Getaway 1

    There is something restorative about a good vacation, and we think you should put plans in motion! You could pay a visit to your favorite fun destination. But we’d also like to throw another idea into the mix: a wellness retreat. You know how people sometimes need “a vacation from their vacation?” Well, that doesn’t happen with this variety of trip.
    At thoughtfully designed resorts like Canyon Ranch, experts in all aspects of well-being have crafted experiences to soothe mind, body, and soul. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, we can’t recommend it enough. In the case of Canyon Ranch, four locations around the country make it doable no matter where you live.

    Once you’ve got your stay booked, prep for stress-free packing with our DeeplyRooted® Travel Set.

  • Love Me, Mean It 2

    And when we say “me,” we mean you! If a trip and travel set aren’t in the cards for you right now, we do have one other kit you might enjoy. When it comes to finding self-love this Valentine’s Day, helping oneself discover wellness is key. We can’t think of a better way, after all, to love yourself. Enter, Hush & Hush’s Love Me, Mean It Kit.

    With TimeCapsule®, PlantYourDay®, and ShieldUpTM, this high-value combo is a must for all-around wellness—and beauty!

  • Whip Up a Hearty, Soul-Feeding Dish 3

    Whether it’s just for you or for two, cooking a delicious, healthy, homemade meal can be the highest form of self-love this Valentine’s Day. If you need a bit of inspiration, follow along with Taylor Bridell, aka “The Daily Tayste,” on Instagram.

    Bridell is over there putting together some seriously delectable eats. Among our favorites for a February bite are her recent Whipped Ricotta Bagels. Experiment with the various topping choices she showcases for a sweet or savory version. You won’t be disappointed in either!

  • Take an Epsom Salt Bath 4

    Light yourself a crackling, ambient wood-wick candle. Put on some tranquil music for a spa vibe. Pour yourself a glass of something yummy and set out a box of chocolates. Grab a book or prop your laptop up with a favorite comfort show.
    That’s right, it’s time for a bubble bath! Or, ideally, an Epsom salt bath. You can add bubbles too, if you want. But there are myriad benefits to incorporating the powerhouse natural mineral salt that is Epsom.

  • Limit Technology Time and Embrace Meditation 5

    When thinking about how you can engage in self-love this Valentine’s Day, it pays to consider changes that might carry over throughout the rest of the year, too. And as those ideas go, limiting technology and finding meditative activities should top your list.

    The health benefits of reducing screen time are well-documented. Meditation, whether working with an app like Headspace or participating in a yoga class, is also proven to benefit mind, body, and soul.

  • Visit Heyday for a Facial 6

    Okay, now this idea for self-love this Valentine’s Day has us pretty excited. Why? Well, consider this part of the post a soft-launch … starting this year, Hush & Hush products are going to be featured in 19 Heyday locations!!

    If you’ve never experienced a Heyday facial, run—don’t walk! With a belief that treatments should be as customized as your skincare routine, Heyday’s facialists are experts with a personalized approach. Your skin will be feeling pampered like never before.

  • Get a Good Night of Rest 7

    Last, but most certainly not least, give yourself some self-love this Valentine’s Day with the ultimate night of restorative sleep. The importance of getting sound sleep can hardly be overstated.
    You might think that getting a good night of rest is important because you want the energy to tackle the next day. Indeed, this is a factor. But did you also know that poor sleep on a chronic basis is linked to everything from higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes to poor mental health, and even an earlier average age of death? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help your body improve sleep, and Sleep Foundation has compiled some of these tips into a list.

    As for our own advice to add in, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our MindYourMind® supplement. With L-theanine, chamomile flower, magnesium, rhodiola rosea root, and more, it is specially formulated to support rest. It relaxes the mind and body and reduces mental clutter to help you fall and stay asleep.

    Another helper to get great zzz’s is a sleep mask you enjoy. Personally, we love the Nodpod Sleep Mask for the unique design that makes it “The Weighted Blanket for Your Eyes®” and its many color options.

    We hope you really take our message to engage in self-love this Valentine’s Day to heart (pun very much intended). When you care for yourself, you invest in long-term health and wellness. In its own beautiful way, that means you’re caring for those you love, too.

Happy Month of Love!