Haircare for Dry Weather: 6 Fall and Winter Must-Dos

Haircare for Dry Weather: 6 Fall and Winter Must-Dos

Switching up your routine could save your locks during these chilly seasons.

Refreshing breezes, warm drinks, cozy fashion—there are so many things to love about cooler months. But with them comes one thing most of us don’t love: dry weather. This shift can wreak havoc on our respiratory systems, skin … and hair. Today, we’re going to talk about the latter. Because your approach to haircare actually can combat the issues dry weather might bring. We’re walking you through a few of our favorite tips. 

  • Keep Humidity Up 1

    We know, we know … humidity is a haircare no-no for a lot of us! But while ample humidity can make hair difficult to style, too little is downright damaging—like, literally. A lack of humidity in the hair makes it more prone to breakage. Being low on humidity can also cause dandruff, because the scalp is parched.

    In cold, dry weather, the outdoor air loses humidity naturally. But indoors, the issue is exasperated by the fact that many of us will be running central heating. It’s a necessity, but it really sucks the life out of your indoor air.

    Our advice? Invest in a great humidifier. And trust us, it won’t have you frizzing up! It will just help to infuse your indoor air with some of the humidity it’s losing during fall and winter. Wirecutter by The New York Times has a great article sharing the best humidifiers of the year. Personally, we’d vote for a Levoit model. The brand features in three of the article’s picks, and we’ve heard great things.

    But no matter which you choose, ensure that your hair is getting the humidity it needs. Maintaining humidity levels is a great tip for haircare in dry weather. Plus, your skin will thank you too!

  • Watch Your Shower Temps 2

    There are few things quite so wonderful as a steaming-hot shower on a cold winter’s morning. Well … we’ve got some bad news! When you use hot water (hot, not warm) on your hair, it can make strands brittle. It can even aggravate hair loss because of how it makes roots weaker through excessive opening of scalp pores.

    Honestly, you should avoid hot-water showers as much as possible all year long. But in the fall and winter, when the dry weather is already stressing your locks, this is essential.

    If you find it unbearable (we know how hard this habit can be to break), try lowering your temps closer to lukewarm with every shower. You could also run the shower for a minute or so with the bathroom door shut before jumping in. That way, the whole space feels warmer before you go commando. (Plus, it will give you a humidity boost!)

  • Perfect Your Product Lineup 3

    The best defense against dry-weather hair damage is to start with luscious, healthy locks. Enter, your product routine. Revisit your go-tos and make sure they are doing all you want and need them to for your hair. Also, think about what you might add to your arsenal. You’ll obviously want a great shampoo and conditioner. But don’t forget about serums—a huge boom in dry weather for their moisturizing properties.

    If you really want to give your strands the best defense against the season, you could also contemplate a hair-centric supplement. As we like to say, they are tools for “inside out beauty.”

    With all of the above in mind, we’d like to present our DeeplyRooted® system for consideration. With an exfoliating hair cleanser, an intense nourishing hydrator, a cellular restoring treatment, and a clinically-proven hair growth supplement, it is a powerhouse process for haircare. It’ll impress you year-round, but in fall and winter, it is the haircare for dry weather helper you need.

  • Don’t Use Just Any Accessories 4

    So in dry weather, your hair is battling temperature changes, humidity issues, and proneness to breakage because of it all. The very last thing it needs is to be yanked, tugged, pulled, and snapped by rough hair ties, headbands, etc. Haircare for dry weather demands we be gentle with our locks.

    But of course, especially for those of us with long strands, tying hair up or pulling it out of the face can be necessary. Our tip is to aim for smooth accessories, like our DeeplyRooted® Silk Scarf. It can tie hair back when you need, be styled as a headband, and wrap your bun up! All without harming a single hair on your head. Check out more of our tips on how to wear it.

    And don’t forget about your brush either! Times of dry weather are not the moment to slum it out with an old brush that snags delicate strands. Worry not, we’ve got a solution for this, too. Our DeeplyRooted® Hair Brush was designed to promote healthy hair and even boost shine.

  • Avoid Heat Styling 5

    Yep, now we really have some of you upset … sorry! But if you’re intentional about protecting your locks with haircare for dry weather, this sacrifice might be one to make. When you blow dry your hair, it draws moisture out … that is sort of the point. But the level of moisture and the quickness with which it removes it both have a weakening effect on the hair.

    It’s best to let it air dry!

  • Never Leave the House with Wet Hair 6

    So here is the caveat to the above tip. If you don’t have time to air dry your hair before leaving the house, it is better to blow dry it than go outside with wet hair. This depends somewhat on the time of year and where you live. But going out into frosty cold weather with wet hair is a major no-no. Your strands can actually freeze and even break.

    Plus, this would be downright uncomfortable (unless you are seriously in love with being cold).

Let’s Recap


We’ve covered our six best tips and tricks on haircare for dry weather. Now, we’re compiling them in a quick list for you to reference back to: 


  • #1 Keep Humidity Up
  • #2 Watch Your Shower Temps
  • #3 Perfect Your Product Lineup
  • #4 Don’t Use Just Any Accessories
  • #5 Avoid Heat Styling
  • #6 Never Leave the House with Wet Hair


We hope this blog post has helped you prepare for these cold fall and winter months! And we wish you hair health all season long!