Fall is Well: 7 Easy Self Care Tips to Feel and Look Your Best This Season

Fall is Well: 7 Easy Self Care Tips to Feel and Look Your Best This Season

The season of autumn can be the perfect time of year for change.

Summers over and school is back in swing, it’s a great time to get into new routines and embrace new forms of self-care.

Need a little inspiration for committing or recommitting to your personal wellness? Here are 7 Tips for Fall Wellness and Holistic Self Care to help you get started.

  • Don’t skimp on sunscreen 1

    Although cozier days and earlier sunsets might have you tempted to forego your sun protection products, skincare experts say SPF is a must year-round. Even on cloudy days, you’ll want to be sure to apply (and re-apply) a quality sunscreen product to protect your skin against discoloration, premature aging, and skin cancer. A good choice is PREVENTION+® Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50 by Image Skincare.

  • Eat a few more plants and a little less sugar 2

    From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving feasts, and office party goodies, this stretch of the year can be a challenging time for optimal nutrition. Rather than stress about a few celebratory treats, a good strategy might be to focus on trying to fill up on extra nutrients everywhere else you can. Think lots of fresh fruits and leafy green veggies. You could also supplement with a plant-based protein powder like Hush & Hush’s PlantYourDay, which is filled with vitamins and gut health essentials to help you power through the holidays, and come out feeling healthier.

  • Let your hair grow long 3

    Change is good and an easy way to makeover your look is by growing out your locks. The secret to healthy growth, and sleek, gorgeous hair is good nutrition. To support your hair and get it ready for all the hottest fall styles, Hush & Hush’s DeeplyRooted is a clinically proven, holistic hair health supplement that combines over a dozen ingredients in one innovative formula, including biotin, ashwagandha, pumpkin seed oil, and more.

  • Opt for less exfoliation 4

    When the cold weather blahs start to set in for your skin, issues like flakiness and rough texture can entice you to overdo exfoliation. Unfortunately, aggressive scrubs and solutions can strip the skin and make matters worse. Consider adding a hydrating supplement instead, like Hush & Hush’s SkinCapsule HYDRATE+, which can combat dry skin with the help of vitamin C and other moisture-boosting skin nutrition.

  • Pamper and protect your hair with silk accessories 5

    Whether you’re growing your hair out, or keeping it on the shorter side, silk hair accessories including masks, scrunchies, pillow cases and eye pillows are a perfect self care treat that promotes softer, shinier and stronger hair. Gentle silk doesn’t absorb moisture or create friction, making it a good choice for dry hair, natural hair, curls or thinning hair.

  • Sneak in some meditation or yoga 6

    Making time for mindfulness can be challenging for many people, but as you likely already know, it’s during busy or stressful times that we most need those moments to pause. Practices like yoga and meditation are wonderful ways to take a break that don’t require much time, space or money. Devoting just ten minutes – or even five minutes – daily can be life changing, so grab a comfy spot and find your zen!

  • Create a consistent sleep routine 7

    Of course, no wellness routine is complete without proper rest. To help really seal in all the benefits of your other healthy practices, it is essential to allow your body time for repair and recovery. If you are having trouble committing to a full eight hours, a natural sleep supplement such as Hush & Hush’s MindYourMind can help you get better rest, and a deeper night’s sleep, with the aid of mind-soothing magnesium and calming chamomile.