6 Trending Tricks to Try For Better Hair and Scalp Health

6 Trending Tricks to Try For Better Hair and Scalp Health

Feeling bored with your hair routine or just looking to give your locks an added boost?


For mixing it up this season, here are six simple hair hacks that actually work. Keep reading to check them out and try a few for yourself.

  • Exfoliating shampoo + hydrating conditioner = high gloss locks 1

    For a comprehensive combo routine that will leave your hair soft, shimmery, and super smooth, your best bet is to choose an exfoliating wash followed by an ultra-nourishing hydrator. The deep cleansing action will help to exfoliate your scalp and remove unwanted impurities from the hair strands, paving the way for your conditioning product to repair and replenish with intense moisture. For this, Hush&Hush’s DeeplyRooted Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect daily care duo.

  • Follow your regularly brushing with a little scalp massage 2

    Daily brushing with a high-quality brush is a must for detangling, preventing buildup, and enhancing shine. The DeeplyRooted Hair Brush by Hush & Hush is a great choice for this as it is specially designed to gently exfoliate the scalp, without tugging, snagging, or causing breakage. However, to really take things to the next level, you might also consider adding a massaging scalp massage brush, like this one from Amazon, which works to stimulate blood flow to the follicles and oil glands and promote healthy growth.

  • Test out a trending hair mask 3

    Hair masks can be a fun way to pamper your hair, using just a few ingredients from your own kitchen. For example, check out this DIY recipe and tutorial on YouTube. Created by Kardashian stylist, Andrew Fitzsimmons, the Avocado Hair Smoothie features just four ingredients – avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, and essential oils–for an easy-to-make treatment that produces glamorous results.

  • Try a quick cold shower 4

    According to experts, cold showers have numerous benefits for your health, including your hair! Because hot water can actually damage healthy hair by stripping it of its vital oils, cold water is actually best when washing as it will help protect the integrity of the hair follicles and preserve your natural shine. However, if you can’t manage a full shower in frigid temps, even just finishing your cleanse with 30-seconds of cold water can still be beneficial.

  • Get your beauty rest with a silk pillowcase 5

    If you struggle with split ends, dryness, brittle texture, or breakage, an easy hack to try is to switch out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. The silk fibers will work wonders to support your hair while you sleep, as they are less likely to snag strands or absorb moisture. They’ll also leave your hair looking less frizzy upon waking. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re also great for your skin.

  • Schedule regular trims and go for heatless styles 6

    Of course, no healthy hair routine is complete without professional care, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Stylists say that getting a regular trim every 6-10 weeks is the perfect amount of maintenance, to get rid of damaged ends and keep hair growth on track. Additionally, heatless styles are becoming more and more favored by beauty professionals, for protecting the hair and keeping it happy and healthy. In other words, you can skip the hot styling tools and opt for more effortless ease.