Meet Your New Hair Care BFF: 4 Key Benefits of DeeplyRooted Hair Serum

Meet Your New Hair Care BFF: 4 Key Benefits of DeeplyRooted Hair Serum

Could 2022 be the year you achieve your best hair ever?


If you have been looking for an amazing way to add to your regular cleansing and conditioning routine, DeeplyRooted Hair Serum is a newly launched product from Hush & Hush and is sure to become a favorite staple in your beauty toolkit. Ready to uplevel your hair routine? Here is what you need to know:

Reasons To Love DeeplyRooted Hair Serum


  • All-Around Holistic Hair Care 1

    For anyone who wants to revitalize aging hair, reduce thinning and shedding, or just improve the overall look and feel of their hair, adding a serum like DeeplyRooted Hair Serum is a great solution.
    Very similar to a skincare serum, the especially concentrated formula for the hair helps to deeply infuse the hair follicles with intense nourishment which will, in turn, promote rejuvenation and restoration of your hair to optimal condition.

  • Seriously Stellar Ingredients 2

    Another key fact to know is that DeeplyRooted features more active ingredients than any other hair serum and contains powerful, patented, plant-based ingredients. A few formula standouts include:

    ● RootBioTec HWTM – Proven to reduce hair loss, breakage, and thinning hair.
    ● KeraGuardTM – For providing extra protection against environmental damage.
    ● CapixylTM – A powerful activator that stimulates the follicles and promotes faster growth.

    Additionally, DeeplyRooted Hair Serum is free of irritants and ingredients you don’t want, including parabens and synthetic fragrance. Even the scent is naturally energizing and refreshing, featuring peppermint and citrus, plus subtle notes of cocoa.

  • DeeplyRooted Gets Results 3

    Curious about what to expect from incorporating DeeplyRooted Hair Serum into your regular routine? The numbers speak for themselves. In third-party clinical trials, users of the serum reported some pretty amazing perks including:

    ● 78% increase in hair growth in only 90 days
    ● 33% decrease in hair loss (even during brush and pull tests!)
    ● 79% increase in the number of hairs per square centimeter after just 4 months

    To see these incredible transformations for yourself, be sure to check out the Before and After photos on the Hush & Hush shop page as well!

  • Effortlessly Easy Application 4

    One more thing that makes DeeplyRooted Hair Serum a great go-to is how easy it is to incorporate it into your existing daily ritual. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and works as a leave-in treatment that’s massaged into the scalp for added scalp care benefits, no rinse needed.

    P.S. With proper use, one bottle is designed to last you all month long. So for best results, you’ll want to apply DeeplyRooted Hair Serum nightly and be on the lookout for amazing changes after about 90 days of consistent use. For optimal results, pair the DeeplyRooted Serum with Hush & Hush’s DeeplyRooted Shampoo, Conditioner, and Supplement.

Your Perfect Protocol To Apply