Battle of The Breakage: 5 Tips for Preventing Split Ends and Promoting Healthier Hair

Battle of The Breakage: 5 Tips for Preventing Split Ends and Promoting Healthier Hair

Hair feeling.. stressed?

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, even the healthiest hair can start to show signs of damage – often in the form of split ends, shedding, or breakage.

When this happens, it can become increasingly frustrating to deal with. You may even find yourself tempted to cover up or chop off those struggling strands, to get rid of unsightly breakage. Unfortunately, doing so won’t get to the root of the problem.

The truth is that, while you can’t exactly “fix” hair breakage, what you can do is drastically reduce damage and restore your hair to optimal health. It just takes a bit of intentional maintenance and care. Here’s what you need to know:

What is hair breakage and why does it happen?

For preventing split ends and breakage, it can first be helpful to understand that these are symptoms of damaged hair. So how does hair become damaged in the first place? Experts say these common concerns are typically the result of the hair follicles becoming overly dry and depleted of vital moisture. This can be caused by a number of factors, including environmental stress, an imbalanced diet, or using too many harsh products. Additionally, certain styling practices such as aggressive brushing or combing can leave the hair extra vulnerable to breakage.

5 Tricks To Try to Prevent Split Ends and Hair Breakage


  • Avoid heat as much as possible 1

    One of the number one culprits behind dry, damaged hair is often heat exposure. From the hot water in your shower, to heated styling tools – added heat can really take a toll. Instead, try lowering the heat on your curling iron or blow dryer to a lower temperature setting. You might also consider cleansing and conditioning with lukewarm H2O, instead of lingering under a super-steamy shower.

  • Try heatless hairstyles instead 2

    A trending anti-heat hairstyle this year has everyone in amazement, and we totally approve. Heatless curling rod headbands are made to wear while sleeping with semi-dry/damp hair to wake up in the morning with beautiful intact curls; damage free!

  • There’s no such thing as too much moisture 3

    If you aren’t already treating your hair to regular conditioning or even deep conditioning, the fix for dry hair may be as simple as adding extra moisturizing products to your routine. Stylists suggest pampering your hair with nutrient-rich ingredients like argan, pumpkin seed or monoi oil, which will infuse your hair with long-lasting hydration and can even help seal split ends.

  • Invest in a few gentle products and accessories 4

    Besides upping the moisture factor in your conditioner, it’s also a good idea to shop smart when choosing your other hair care products. Because many shampoos and hair color products contain stripping sulfates and drying alcohol, you may want to toss these staples and switch to brands that formulate without these ingredients. Additionally, experts recommend reaching for softer accessories – think silk scrunchies and metal-free clips – to prevent snagging.

  • Add a hair supporting supplement to your routine 5

    Because your hair requires good nutrition for processes like rejuvenation and repair, it can be beneficial to incorporate a holistic supplement that promotes growth and nourishes hair from the inside out. For encouraging thicker, stronger, and longer locks, Hush & Hush’s DeeplyRooted is a daily supplement specifically for your hair. In clinical trials, 91% of test subjects reported improved overall hair growth thanks to a unique polypeptide complex and other super ingredients like ashwagandha, green tea leaf, and pumpkin seed oil.