The Resolution Solution: 5 Tips for Sticking To Your Goals This Year

The Resolution Solution: 5 Tips for Sticking To Your Goals This Year

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution and then found yourself unable to stick it out?

If so, there’s no need to feel bad. Statistics say that only a very small percentage – less than 10% – of people who set resolutions actually follow through.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For making 2022 your year, you may just need to implement a few simple tricks for goal-setting success. Read on for a few tips that will keep you from dropping the ball, after the ball drops.

  • Keep it simple 1

    A very common mistake many people make at the start of a new year is taking on too many goals at once. If you set out to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight, you’re likely to end up overwhelmed and unlikely to stick to everything. So instead, goal coaches suggest setting just one key goal and prioritizing it over everything else. Once you find yourself sticking to a new habit with ease, you can always add on or up the ante later.

  • Know your “Why” 2

    If you aren’t clear on why your goal is important to you, experts say it may not be enough to stick to it. With this in mind, a good practice is to write down all the reasons for wanting to achieve your specific objective. For example, if you’re looking to stick to a budget this year, you might consider keeping a list of long-term financial goals in your wallet, as a moment-to-moment reminder of you’re trying to save your money.

  • Track your progress 3

    For maintaining your motivation throughout the year, it’s a good idea to measure results as you go. Big successes often require some persistence and patience to achieve, but just because you’re not there yet doesn’t mean you aren’t making strides. Things like checklists or habit tracking charts can be very useful for visualizing your progress and provide you with a sense of satisfaction as you work towards your ultimate goal.

  • Adapt as needed 4

    Sometimes, no matter how much we want something, life gets in the way. If your schedule throws you a curve or plans change, it can be tempting to scrap all your best intentions. However, experts say it’s more powerful to think of these obstacles as an additional opportunity to learn and grow. Flexibility will get you further than giving up, so don’t be afraid to change your methods, course correct as needed and keep going, even as you navigate new challenges.

  • Reward your wins 5

    It might seem simple, but rewards work. Since you’re already tracking your progress, why not try implementing a little prize system for recognizing all those incremental achievements? Extra self-care is a perfect way to support your process. You could even invest in more tools that will help you crush your goals, for a reward that’s win-win. For example, if your goal is fitness, consider treating yourself to new workout gear at the end of every month you make it to the mat.